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The Week Feb 18, 2011

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Egg-citement at the Grammys

All the egg-citement was at the Grammy Awards this week, where pop star Lady Gaga arrived inside an egg. She finally came out to accept her award for best pop vocal album.

Egg-stra fun

It was egg-stra fun when just a day later, a Chinese animation company created a spoof of the Lady Gaga egg-scapade at the Grammys. The film by Taiwan animators NMA is now a big hit on the Internet.

Flying chickens

Speaking of eggs, how about that flying chicken? That’s what the neighbors nicknamed a chicken that suddenly flew out a window and onto the top of another building when a man in Hangzhou opened a box containing the bird. Can chickens really fly? We turn to our senior correspondent on global wildlife, aerodynamics and backyard chickens, Chris Clark.

Man Bag versus The Purse

First came designer purses. Now there are designer man bags. The Los Angeles Times reports that more wealthy men in China are carrying luxury handbags because their money, smartphones and other expensive technology won’t fit into their wallets. Coach Retail International says men now account for 45 percent of all luxury handbag sales in China. So when it comes to the man bag versus the purse, whose handbag can hold the most stuff? The Week investigates …

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The Week Feb 18, 2011

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The Week Feb 18, 2011

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