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True Grit《大地惊雷》精讲之四

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Mattie Ross: Dearest Mother. I am about to embark on a great adventure. I have learned that Tom Chaney has fled into the wild and I shall assist the authorities in pursuit. You know that Papa would want me to be firm in the right as he always was, so do not fear on my account. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. The author of all things watches over me. And I have a fine horse. Kiss little Frankie for me and pinch Violet's cheek. My Papa's death will soon be avenged. I am off for the Choctaw Nation. Where is Marshal Cogburn?

Mr. Lee: Went away. Left this.

Here inside is a train ticket for your return home. Use it. By the time you read this I will be across the river in the Indian nation. Pursuit would be futile. I will return with your man Chaney. Leave me to my work. Reuben Cogburn.

Mattie Ross: Is that Rooster Cogburn?

Mr. Lee: Rider is in there.

Mattie Ross: Who's he with?

Mr. Lee: I do not know.

Mattie Ross: Well take me across.

Mr. Lee: So, you're the runaway. Marshall told me you'd show up. I'm going to present you to the Sheriff.

Mattie Ross: That is a story, let go of my horse. I have business across the river. If you don't turn around and take me across, You'll find yourself incorporated on the B. I have a good lawyer. Go, Little Blackie. Come on.

Rooster Cogburn: That is quite a horse. I will give you ten dollars for him.

Mattie Ross: From the money you stole from me?

Rooster Cogburn: That was not stolen. I’m out for your man.

Mattie Ross: I was to accompany you. If I do not, there is no agreement and my money was stolen.

LeBoeuf: Marshal, put this child back on the ferry. We have a long road, and time is a-wasting.

Mattie Ross: If I go back and it's to the office of the U.S. marshals to report the theft of my money. And futile, Marshal Cogburn "Pursuit would be futile"? It's not spelt f-u-d-e-l.

LeBoeuf: It is time for your spanking. Now you will do as the grown-ups say! Or I will get myself a birch switch and stripe your leg!

Mattie Ross: Are you going to let him do this, Marshal?

Rooster Cogburn: No, I don’t believe I will. Put your switch away, LeBoeuf.

LeBoeuf: I aim to finish what I started.

Rooster Cogburn: That will be the biggest mistake you ever made, you Texas brush-popper!

LeBoeuf: Hoorawed by a little girl.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. embark on: 从事,着手。例如:Quitting is a bad way to embark on life, and that young person really ought to snap out of it.(走上生活道路放弃斗争,这是很糟糕的,那个年轻人确实该好好振作起来才行。)

2. the wild: 荒野,户外。


beyond your wildest dreams: 做梦都没想到;远远出乎所料;大大超出希望。

run wild: 任其发展,恣意妄为。

3. on one’s account: 为了某人。

例如:You don't have to stop singing on my account.(你不用顾虑我,继续唱。)

4. Indian nation: 印第安领地。

5. runaway: 逃跑者。

6. quite a horse: 这匹马真有两下子。

7. spanking: 打屁股,尤指打小孩。

例如:The boy got a sound spanking.(那男孩的屁股着实挨了一顿巴掌。)

用作副词也可以指“非常、十足”,例如: We had a spanking good time at his country house.(我们在他的乡间别墅玩得非常高兴。)



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