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The King's Speech《国王的演讲》精讲之二

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Lionel: He's a good lad, Willy. He could hardly make a sound, you know, when he first came to me. My boys made those. Good, aren't they. Please, make yourself comfortable. I was told not not to sit too close. when speaking with a prince, one waits for the prince to choose the topic.

Bertie: Waiting for me to...commence a conversation one can wait a rather long wait.

Lionel: Do you know any jokes?

Bertie: Timing isn't my strong suit.

Lionel: Cuppa tea?

Bertie: No thank you.

Lionel: I think I'll have one.

Bertie: Aren't you going to start treating me Dr Logue?

Lionel: Only if you're interested in being treated. Please, call me Lionel.

Bertie: I... I prefer Doctor.

Lionel: I prefer Lionel. What'll I call you?

Bertie: Your Royal Highness, then Sir after that.

Lionel: A bit formal for here. I prefer names

Bertie: Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George?

Lionel: How about Bertie?

Bertie: Only my family uses that.

Lionel: Perfect. In here, it's better if we're equals.

Bertie: If we were equal... I wouldn't be here. I'd be... at home with my wife and no-one would give a damn.

Lionel: Please don't do that.

Bertie: I'm sorry?

Lionel: I believe sucking smoke into your lungs will kill you.

Bertie: My physicians say it relaxes the throat.

Lionel: They're idiots.

Bertie: They've all been knighted.

Lionel: Makes it official then. My 'castle', my rules. Thank you. What was your earliest memory?

Bertie: What on earth do you mean?

Lionel: Your first recollection.

Bertie: I'm not...here to discuss personal matters.

Lionel: Why're you here then?

Bertie: Because I bloody well stammer!

Lionel: You have a bit of a temper.

Bertie: One of my many faults.

Lionel: When did the defect start?

Bertie: I've always been this way!

Lionel: I doubt that.

Bertie: Don't...tell me! It's my stammer!

Lionel: It's my field. I assure you, no infant starts to speak with a stammer. When did it start?

Bertie: Four or five.

Lionel: That's typical.

Bertie: So I've been told. I can't remember not doing it.

Lionel: I can believe that. Do you hesitate when you think?

Bertie: Don't be ridiculous.

Lionel: How about when you talk to yourself? Everyone natters occasionally, Bertie.

Bertie: Stop calling me that!

Lionel: I'm not going to call you anything else.

Bertie: Then we shan't speak! Are you charging for this, Doctor?

Lionel: A fortune.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. lad: 昵称,男孩儿,小伙子。

2. make a sound: 发出声音,这里指威利刚开始接受治疗时,话都说不出来。

例如:So absorbed was he that we didn't dare to make a sound.(他是那样全神贯注,我们都不敢出声了。)

3. make yourself comfortable: 别客气,请随便坐。

4. strong suit: 优点,长处。

例如:Bill's strong suit is being able to eat more than anybody else.(比尔的特长是能比任何其他人都吃得多。)

5. Royal Highness: (用作王室成员的尊称)殿下

6. Sir: (贵族头衔,用于爵士或准男爵的名字或姓名前面)爵士。这里指公爵。

7. no one would give a damn: 没人会在乎。这里是说“没人会管我结巴的事”。例如:But I don't give a damn about it.(我毫不在乎别人怎么说。)

8. knighted: 被授以爵位。Knight就是欧洲中世纪的骑士、爵士。

9. Makes it official then: 那就是官方的笨蛋了。

10.My 'castle', my rules: 我的地盘我做主。类似于精讲一里面的my game, my turf, my rules。

11.You have a bit of a temper: 脾气还很烈嘛。

12.natter: 唠叨,闲聊。

例如:He nattered (on) about his work.(他唠叨自己的工作。)

13.a fortune: 这里是说咨询费“一大笔钱”。也可以说“a small fortune”。

这里再向大家介绍几个含有a fortune的短语:

a hostage to fortune 可能招惹麻烦(或担忧)的东西(或许诺);造成后患的事物

make a fortune 发迹、致富、发财



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