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The King's Speech《国王的演讲》精讲之三

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Lionel: Does it feel strange, now that David's on the throne?

Bertie: Tell you the truth, It was a relief.. Knowing.. I wouldn't be ..King.

Lionel: But unless he produces an heir, you're next in line. And your daughter, Elizabeth, would then succeed you.

Bertie:“You're barking up the wrong tree now, Doctor, Doctor.”

Lionel:“Lionel,” You didn't stammer.

Bertie: Of course I didn't stammer, I was singing!

Lionel: Well, as a little reward, you get to put some glue on these struts.

Bertie: Your boy wouldn't mind?

Lionel: No, not at all.

Bertie: David and I were very close. Young bucks... You know.

Lionel: Did you chase the same girls?

Bertie: David was always very helpful in arranging introductions. We shared… the expert ministrations of “Paulette” in Paris. Not at the same time of course.

Lionel: Did David ever tease you?

Bertie: Oh yes they all did.“Buh-buh-buh-Bertie”.Father encouraged it.“Get it out, boy!” Said it would make me stop. Said...”I was afraid of my father, and my children are damn well going to be afraid of me”.

Lionel: Are you naturally right handed?

Bertie: Left. I was… punished. Now I use the right.

Lionel: Yes, that's very common with stammerers. Anything other corrections?

Bertie: Knock knees. Metal… splints were made...worn…day and night

Lionel: That must have been painful.

Bertie: Bloody agony. Straight legs now.

Lionel: Who were you closest to in your family?

Bertie: Nannies. Not my first nanny.. she loved David...hated me. When I.. was presented to my parents for the daily viewing, she'd...She pinch me so I'd cry, and be…handed back to her immediately, then she wouldn't…

Lionel: Sing it.

Bertie: Then she wouldn't feed me, far far away.” Took my parents three years to notice. As you can imagine, it caused some stomach problems. Still.

Lionel: What about your brother Johnnie? Were you close to him?

Bertie: Johnnie, Sweet boy. Epilepsy...and...he was 'different'. He died at 13, hidden from view. I've been told it's not catching.

Lionel: Do you want a top-up?

Bertie: Please. You know, Lionel, you're the first ordinary Englishman...

Lionel: Australian.

Bertie: I've ever really spoken to. When I'm driven through the streets and see, you know, the Common Man staring at me, I'm struck by how little I know of his life, and how little he knows of mine.

Lionel: Thank you. What're friends for.

Bertie: I wouldn't know.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. bark up the wrong tree: 认错目标, 错怪了人, 花错精力。这里的意思是“这话题可不对头”。

2. buck: 雄鹿。一般还用来指美元。make a fast/quick buck就是指“轻易地赚钱”,这样赚得的钱财就称为fast buck。

3. knock knees: 膝盖外翻。就是我们平时说的“X型腿”。相反则是bow leg/varus(弓型腿、罗圈腿)。

4. epilepsy: 癫痫病。

5. hidden from view: 隐藏不露,再也不提某人或某事。

例如:The valley was hidden from view in the mist.(溪谷隐没在雾霭之中,看不见了。)

6. catching: 有魅力的,迷人的。这里的it's not catching是指某事“不光彩”。

eye-catching或者catch one’s eye常用来形容事物惹人注意的,引人注目的。

例如:The appearance of a package that catches the eye will certainly be of much help in promoting the sales.(外观引人注目的包装肯定大大有利于促销。)

7. top-up: 斟满,加满。例如:Who's ready for a top-up (i.e. for another drink)?(谁要添酒?)

8. Common Man: 平民。



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