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The Week May 6, 2011

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Cowboys in China

The big news in China this week is that the cowboys are coming. Not the Dallas Cowboy football team from Texas, but real cowboys. The papers were signed this week to bring the first Rodeo China to Beijing in the fall. There will be cowboys and cowgirls, riders and ropers. Ropers do great rope tricks with their lassos in the rodeo ring. But you might want to think twice before hiring one at your office …

Beatrice’s hat

England’s royal wedding was last week. That’s old hat. But this week, the Internet is still buzzing about the crazy hat Princess Beatrice wore to the wedding of Prince William and Kate.

Some said it resembled a toilet seat cover. That wasn’t very nice. Some said it would look better with a cat on the hat. Was that Beatrice’s hat in the White House Situation Room this week? Others said it looked like she was wearing spaghetti and meatballs. That had Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp suddenly hungry for hat.

That fish is expensive!

In China this week, a rare red dragon fish is on display at a pet shop in Sichuan province. You can buy it for 360,000 yuan. That’s $55,000, which is more than the price of most cars. The Week has learned that a man in Beijing paid more than that for his rare yellow grinning fish. What would you do if you had a fish that cost that much? Take it everywhere! Let’s look in on the Beijing owner of a very expensive fish …

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The Week May 6, 2011

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The Week May 6, 2011

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