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The Parent Trap《天生一对》精讲之二

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Hallie: Hello. Grandfather? l'm home.

Grandfather: ls that my little girl? That tall, gangly thing?

Hallie: Yes, it's me.

Grandfather: Oh, welcome home. Did you have a good time, sweet pea?

Hallie: Uh-huh, great.

Grandfather: What are you doing?

Hallie: Just smelling.

Grandfather: Smelling?

Hallie: l'm making a memory.

Grandfather: Oh.

Hallie: Years from now, when l'm all grown up, l'll always remember my grandfather, and how he always smelt of, peppermint and pipe tobacco.

Grandfather: Good to have you back.

Mom: Annie? Annie?

Hallie: Mother.

Mom: You're back.

Hallie: l can't believe it's you.

Mom: And l can't believe it's you. And with short hair. Who cut it for you?

Hallie: A girl l met at camp. Do you hate it?

Mom: No, l absolutely love it. You got your ears pierced? Well, are there any other surprises? Belly button rings, tattoos? Ah, darling, what is it?

Hallie: l'm sorry. lt's just--l've missed you so much.

Mom: Oh, l know. lt seems like it's been forever.

Hallie: You have no idea.

Mom: So, come on. Tell me, did you like everyone? Was it fun? Ah, Martin

Martin: l found a stowaway in your suitcase.

Hallie: Oh, my God. Cuppy!

Mom: Cuppy?

Hallie:- He-- He belongs to my friend, the one l was, umm, telling you about. l can't imagine how he got into my suitcase.

Martin: Well, since he's not our Cuppy, shall we dispose of the little creature?

Hallie: No! l mean, no. l'll-- l'll mail him to her. She loves this thing a lot--a lot, a lot. And she's, like, slept with this thing her entire life. And she could never be, like, say, in a foreign country without him. No, no l'll take care of it. That will be all, Martin. Thank you.

Mom: Hello. Oh, hi. How's the photo shoot going? Hmm. Well, can't you manage without me? l mean, Annie just got home from camp. Hmm. Yeah.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. gangly: 身材瘦长的

A gangly youth dressed in jeans and trainers stepped in from the corridor.(一个穿着牛仔服和运动鞋、身材瘦长的年轻人从走廊走进来。)

2. sweet pea: 香豌豆,这里是外祖父对她的爱称。

3. peppermint:薄荷,薄荷油

Peppermint oil is very good for regulating digestive disorders.(薄荷油能很有效地调节消化系统失调。)

4. pipe tobacco: 斗烟叶;斗烟丝;烟丝

The smell of pipe tobacco always takes me back to the time I used to sit on my grandfather's knee.(烟斗烟丝的气味总让我回想起我过去坐在祖父膝盖上的那些日子。)

5. belly button ring: 肚脐环

6. tattoo: 纹身

Because the color remains under the skin, a tattoo is usually permanent.(因为颜料在皮肤下面,所以纹身的图案一般不会消失。)

7. stowaway: 偷渡者

8. dispose of: 处理,解决,这里指扔掉。

9. photo shoot: (尤指为模特或名人进行的)照片拍摄

The fashion models spent hours preparing for the photo shoot.(那名时尚模特儿花了好几小时准备拍照。)



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