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THE WEEK Nov 23: Meaningless record broken

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Australian breaks meaningless record

A lazy Australian guy broke the world record for consecutive hours playing video games. He played more than 140 hours, alternating between sitting down and standing on an exercise machine. He also took 20 hours of breaks during the feat, which I happen to think makes the record a bit less impressive. I think this is a sign that the Guinness Book of World Records should start putting some more restrictions on the people challenging for records.

Hooligans go too far

Fans of a soccer team in the Russian city of St Petersburg tossed fireworks on to the field, which ended up exploding into the opposing goalie's eyes. The game was immediately cancelled. As a sports fan, I would think that the most hypocritical thing a fan could do would be to force the cancellation of a game and injure the very players you love to watch. I've always been able to count on soccer hooligans to fight and yell at each other, but they didn't have to get the players involved. Clearly he needs a lesson from Charlie Hunnam's character in "Green Street Hooligans".

Nasal cells heal paralyzed dogs

Breakthrough treatment by researchers in the UK has once paralyzed dogs walking again. And the science was hiding right under their noses. Doctors took cells from inside the dogs' noses and injected them into the dogs' spines. Months later, the dogs were able to begin walking again. It sounds unbelievable to say that a person could just pick their nose, inject some boogers into a spine and heal paralysis. That's a bit overly simplified, but you get the idea.

This wacky world!

A woman in the US drove her car with her baby in the backseat onto the runway of an airport while planes were ready to take off.

A British kid who won a massive jackpot in the lottery is having trouble with police after months of reckless partying in a house he bought with the money.

US President Barack Obama pardoned a turkey, meaning he let it free, at a ceremony to celebrate Thanksgiving. I still don't get this tradition. It seems to mock all of the other turkeys that we are going to kill and eat.

Pop singer Ke$ha revealed she asked her fans to donate their own teeth to make a bra, headband and jewelry. She wears them out sometimes, because, she says, they make her feel close to her fans.

This week's best video comes from an international pole dancing competition. The 8th place finisher was a Chinese man who mixed some kungfu into his routine.

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