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THE WEEK June 7: Solve the problem!

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China, US presidents meet in Cali

Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet US President Barack Obama Friday and Saturday to discuss a number or urgent issues - one of which is cyber security. China is under the spotlight for growing concerns over cyber security issues. Chinese officials have called the allegations false. So it's time for the two leaders to meet and discuss the issue. And they'll be doing so in style on a luxury estate on the United States' west coast.

Scammers take on Disneyland

Disneyland has policies that allow patrons with disabilities to get a pass to use alternative entrances to the park's rides and attractions. It's a policy designed to make the park more accessible. But some people are exploiting the rules. People who have disabilities that may technically qualify for the pass are selling themselves as "tour guides" and offering to get clients access to the pass and quick access to the rides. It's disgraceful. Since Disneyland officials heard complaints about the practice, they sent out letters to people selling the service online and threatened punishment if they were caught doing such a thing. But what would punishment from Disneyland look like?

Life's big tests

It's a wild time for Chinese high school students, as they take a test this week that will determine the rest of their lives: the National College Entrance Examination. Known locally as gaokao, the test is one they've been preparing for since literally their first day of school. So, to all you students, break a leg! In the US, however, students are preparing for one of life's other biggest tests: sex. In the city of Cleveland, Ohio, students are being trained to teach sex education to their high school peers. There are reasons to believe this is a good idea and reasons to believe it's a bad one. Let us help you evaluate.

This wacky world!

Tits and Glass, an application for the new Google Glass, got banned this week as Google released new guidelines blocking explicit content. Too bad. There was some serious POV potential there.

A church leader in the US came out this week to tell his followers that it is anti-Christian to buy coffee from Starbucks, because the company donates money to gay rights groups.

Australian scientists found a lake that they say has the same chemical makeup as it did 7,500 years ago. They're calling it God's bathtub.

The University of Southern California will offer students a chance to get a degree from a new institute created by legendary hip-hop artist and producer Dr. Dre. That will be the best and most popular program in the country very soon.

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