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THE WEEK June 21: Whistleblower: hero or traitor?

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Whistleblower: hero or traitor?

Edward Snowden's decision to expose the US National Security Agency for spying on American citizens shocked the nation and the world. He traveled to Hong Kong and went into hiding. Then Snowden decided to call out the British government, as well. He's a whistleblower, someone who brings some sort of misdeed or injustice to the public light. But many people have called him a traitor. Others have called him a hero. So how do you determine whether Snowden's actions were positive or negative?

Solving China's soccer problem

In what should have been a decisive victory, China's national soccer team lost to Thailand by a score of 5-1. The loss was embarrassing for the veteran Chinese squad, as the Thailand team is much younger and has less funding. With recent news of corruption among Chinese soccer officials and players, as well as occasional violence in the sport, The Week provides some ideas for how China can help its soccer program become among the top in the world.

Hairy leggings China's newest trend

An Internet post has gone viral introducing the latest summer trend in China: hairy leggings. The stockings are decorated to make it appear as if the person wearing them has extremely hairy legs. The original poster of the photo encouraged all women to buy them this summer as a method to avoid unwanted attention from creepy men. The biggest problem is that wearing these will also guarantee that fine gentlemen will also ignore them.

This wacky world!

Our sympathies go out to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's new baby girl. She has the two worst parents anyone could ever imagine. Ever.

Weeks after Toronto's mayor was accused of smoking crack cocaine, the mayor of Montreal was charged with corruption and resigned from office. Canada's having some trouble, eh?

A 47-year-old American man was arrested after he stabbed his younger brother in the stomach over a missing bowl of macaroni and cheese. In his defense, mac and cheese is delicious.

A Ukrainian budget meeting was delayed for hours over suspicion that one of the ministers was drunk. Fights in that place are not out of the ordinary.

Enjoy this week's best viral video, a unique cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean".

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