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THE WEEK Aug 23: Speed Warning!

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No one better than Bolt

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt became the most successful athlete in the history of the World Champions this week as he won three gold medals in Moscow. His eight career gold medals and two career silvers put him in the record books as the best to ever compete. Bolt blew by his opponents in the 100-meter and 200m sprint, as well as in the 4x100m relay. His celebration almost went awry, though, when he began to stumble during a dance.

Scary big scrotum

Wesley Warren, Jr., an American man, has spent the last five years of his life dealing with a huge problem. After a painful accident in his home in 2008, his scrotum, the skin sack that holds a man’s testicles, began to grow in size and weight. At one point, it reached 160 pounds (nearly 73kg). But Warren was unable to afford healthcare, and his story became one of many about the limited access to healthcare for many in the US. Soon, a celebrity doctor offered to do the surgery for free. Now, the story is set to be aired on American television.

Man survives collision with train

A man from the United States suffered just minor injuries after being hit by a train travelling at 110 miles per hour (180km/h). The young man was reportedly walking on the train tracks while listening to music and didn’t hear the train’s blaring horn or screeching breaks, leaving him unable to avoid being hit. At first, many people would think this is a miracle. But a quick Internet search turns up several stories that are similar to his.

This wacky world

Two female Russian sprinters at the World Championships in Moscow celebrated their victories by sharing a kiss. Recent anti-gay laws in the country seem to be getting the cold shoulder.

August 25 marks Go Topless Day in the US. A group of UFO believers created the day to fight against laws that allow men to be topless in public but not women. The group has my full support.

Officials in the Chinese city of Shenzhen will implement a fine of RMB100 ($16) for people who have poor aim when urinating into a public toilet. This sounds like a fool-proof plan.

Buzz word:

Sprint: To run, swim or do some activity at a very fast speed for a short time


Many people consider Usain Bolt to be the best sprinter alive.

Don’t sprint through life. Take your time, and enjoy it.

Distance running requires endurance, but sprinting requires speed.


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