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THE WEEK May 9: Schrodinger's cabbage

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Not so big theory

The hit United States television comedy The Big Bang Theory has been removed from China based Internet streaming sites! Along with three other TV shows, The Big Bang Theory and company were removed because they supposedly violated new government regulations regarding the showing of foreign television shows. However, the removal of the shows have drawn the ire of fans of the show as well as netizens. The real focus of their anger however lies with China Central Television. It turns out that CCTV will now be showing the an edited and dubbed version of The Big Bang Theory. Fans speculate that CCTV used its clout to remove its competition. Talk about a messy situation.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Huang Lingyong was driving his car in Xinfeng county Jiangxi province. While he was going at about 112 kilometers and hour he came across a chicken! Huang hit said chicken with his car. Fearing that he had taken a life, he got out of his vehicle to check. It turns out that his car suffered more damage than the chicken did! Before any one starts to decry the quality of Japanese made cars, Huang’s Toyota Corolla’s bumper was the only part damaged and according to his car dealer, the part was not even an original Japanese part. The question now is why did the chicken cross the road.

Cabbage patch kids

Western media is constantly looking for interesting stories about China. Sadly their choice of story this time around was false. Photos of young people at the Beijing midi festival during the May Day holiday last week sparked across the internet. Uk and US based websites reported that young depressed Chinese were raising cabbage pets. Turns out it’s not true. The reality is that the cabbage pet meme is nothing more than a 14 year-old performance art piece by Chinese artist Han Bing.

Buzz word

Performance Art – an art form in which an artist gives a performance, rather than producing a physical work of art.

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