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THE WEEK Dec 6: In your face!

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Black Friday throw downs

Black Friday, the day after thanksgiving is meant for retailers to mark the start of the holiday shopping season. Unfortunately black Friday has turn into more of a joke as people turn a good day of consumerism into a day of slapstick violence. Take these people in Pennsylvania’s Franklin Mills Mall for example. The fight at the Franklin Mills Mall included a portion where shoppers got into a brawl involving Tasers. Normally such fights don’t involve electrocutions.

Flying packages to your face

With the start of the holiday shopping season, US E-commerce giant Amazon.com has just announced that they will start testing the use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to start delivering packages. Drones, normally used for war are now being used as everything from package delivery to video surveillance. Even though drone technology is very advanced, not all drones work very well. It might be best to be careful in the future when sending and receiving packages, especially from drones.

David Cameron takes selfie

British Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in China this week to have meetings with Chinese leaders. Cameron has been called out by the United Kingdom media for cronyism because he allegedly brought his father-in-law and neighbor with him to China on his official visit. Despite being an official visit to China, Cameron did find time to take a silly photo with Chinese internet billionaire Ma Yun. The photo, known as a selfie, shows Cameron posing behind the founder and former Alibaba CEO Ma. Cameron’s attempt at being cute maybe his way of seeking Chinese investment in the UK and fixing his faltering economic plans.

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