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THE WEEK Sept 13: Unbelievable!

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Presidential performance?

An old video resurfaced this week of what appears to be Russian President Vladimir Putin singing on the country's version of The Voice, a popular singing show. But we're pretty sure it's not real. (Based on our research, the video of Putin singing is actually from an event a few years ago.) Still, Putin did have a memorable performance last month in a music video, although that appearance wasn't actually Putin either. But he did make a cameo in the video as an animated character.

Researchers: Size matters!

A team of researchers at Emory University in the US claim to have found a correlation between the size of a species' testicles and the quality of fathering they provide. According to the report, men with smaller testicles seem to be more active, engaged fathers than their large-balled counterparts. In terms of animal species, humans have a pretty average testicle size. But when I searched the Internet to test these results, it showed me that human men may have relatively large testicles compared to other species, because there sure are some bad fathers out there!

2020 Olympics are where?

The International Olympic Committee announced that Tokyo would host the 2020 Olympic Games. Chinese media didn't do a great job handling the news, as two of the country's most trusted outlets misreported the information. Still, we wish all of the best to the future Olympians and the new host city!

This wacky world!

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman gave a Justin Bieber-like speech and begged people not to consider his life a joke. He followed up that comment by saying he plans to take 12 other former NBA players to a tournament in the country of his best friend, Kim Jong Un.

Miley Cyrus, the former childhood star who seems to be going down the drain in her pop music career, released her new hit video this week featuring images of the singer licking a hammer. It's time to fear for the future of music.

A 13-year-old girl was forced by her parents to hold a sign in public to shame her for what they considered to be an offensive twerking move at the high school dance. Either we're in the Seventeenth Century or that girl's mother has some large testicles (not).

Buzz word:

Cameo: A small part played by a well-known person, usually in the background.


Russian President Vladimir Putin made a cameo appearance in a popular Internet video.

Lebron James made a cameo appearance in a music video by a famous rapper.

I think it’s funny when really famous actors make cameo appearances in low-budget films.

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