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THE WEEK June 20: Unexpected Power!

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Over the top

While the world is focused on the FiFa World Cup in Brazil, the internet is looking at Germany. No, they’re not checking out the German team and their amazing defeat of Portugal, instead, they’re checking out German Arm Wrestling Champion Matthias Schlitte. Born with a bone disorder in his right arm, Matthias used his disorder to his advantage. His right arm is double the size of his left arm and he’s using it to dominate arm wrestling.

The secret life of college students

Almost like the movie, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty , where Ben Stiller’s main character jumps from on scene to another, the graduating class of 2014 of Shandong University is doing the same with movies. A group of students from Shandong University posted a series of images of themselves imitating famous movie posters, everything from the Hollywood blockbuster Thor to the Chinese dark horse Finding Mr. Right. The photos have gone viral online in China and haves started making the rounds around the world.

Toilet backdraft

It seems we can’t go more than a week without another crazy cockroach story coming out of Taiwan. This time in Taipei, a woman surnamed Xie was cleaning her bathroom. In the process a roach appeared. Freaked, Xie killed the roach and wrapped its body up in toilet paper. Looking to dispose of the evidence, she set the bundle of toilet paper on fire and proceeded to throw it into the trash. When she threw the bundle into the toilet, her toilet exploded! The reason it exploded is due to the cleaning solutions she used to clean the toilet, it appears that the mixture plus the fire created a mini explosion. This is crazy as Taiwan is a tropical area, roaches are very common there.

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