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THE WEEK August 8: Bieber, Bloom & Balls

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Bieber versus Bloom

Over the weekend it was revealed that Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom threw down in an Ibiza restaurant. It seems that the Biebs had said something that ticked off the Lord of The Rings actor, provoking him to lunge at the singer. Bieber's security guards, the same men he made to carry him up the Great Wall of China, prevented the scuffle from escalating. Rumors have it that the Baby singer made rude comments about Bloom's ex-wife, Victoria Secret underwear model Miranda Kerr. What makes this all the more interesting is the fact that Hollywood has taken sides with most if not all major celebrities siding with Bloom, creating team Orlando. Team Orlando celebrities include James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jock itch relief

Summer's a hot, sweaty and weird time. It's especially weird in Japan, because summer supposedly equates to jock itch. To deal with matter, Japanese pharmaceutical companies have released a series of medicated creams to provide relief. Japanese company Ikeda Mohando has rolled out a new series of creams called Delicare M's Cream. To promote the new cream, Ikeda released a series of really weird but surprisingly fresh and "g-rated" commercials. These commercials are actually quite funny.

Angry meathead

Trending online in the Chinese speaking world right now is the story of stupid Chinese American making trouble for a bus driver in Taoyuan Taiwan. This meathead, who has been identified as "Jason" spun to notoriety after a video of himself yelling at a bus driver appeared online. On the video, Jason spouted expletives at the bus driver for not stopping when Jason requested a stop. Turns out, Jason had pressed the stop request button too late. Regardless of his own action or rather inaction, he started to yell at the confused driver in English. Apparently this isn't the first time Jason went full on pyscho. No word on if he'll get in any trouble over being a roided up angry man.

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