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THE WEEK Oct 24: Excuse me while I kiss this guy

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I touch myself

The World Wild Foundation recently released a video online of a giant panda doing something "unclean". Basically the WWF released a vido taken earlier this year of a panda pleasing itself. Science doesn't know why or what this has to with anything but it's interesting to see that other animals like toe spend them with themselves.

High as a kite

A farmer in England who discovered bags of marijuana on her field soon found that her sheep had consumed about 7 bags of the drug. No one knows where the marijuana came from, but according to the farmer, people will know if the marijuana had any effects on the sheep soon enough.

No more weird buildings

Speaking at a literary symposium, President Xi Jinping called for an end to weird architecture in the nation's capital. In his speech, he called out artists and architects for their poor creations, but pull out from the quote was that architecture should before the people. Beijing has long been plagued with ridicule over its various odd buildings, such as the CCTV building and the People's Daily building.

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