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THE WEEK Nov 21: So I think I can dance

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We're back with another regular installment of the week, though it's also kind of special. We’d love to say that this installment was brought to you by our friends at a certain software company but We're not sponsored!

So instead let's take a look at this week’s regular but not so regular episode.

So I think I can dance

The title for this segment says it all. We've recently gotten our hands on an Xbox One so what do we do? We test it out on the only game on the Chinese localized system that's any fun, Dance Central. You can all watch me bust a groove!

Viral videos

Continuing with our dance theme, we move onto song and dance. This week a new video affectionately called the Chicken Song surfaced online. Internet pundits say the song is viral in China. It’s not. It's also very stupid. We've decided to show the world some other really cool viral Chinese songs.


Okay this video says it all. It's a hoverboard! A real world actual working hoverboard! Oh and Tony Hawk tries it out.

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