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THE WEEK Dec 5: The Force Awakens

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We're back again, this time our intrepid host is back in a suit, albeit without a tie! This week we talk about Korean food, Star Wars and punching bags.
Hot Korean Korean
The weirdest trend this year in South Korea is young people watching young people eating online. It appears young South Korean's are cashing in by live-streaming themselves binge eating. Supposedly one young lady earns more than 50,000 Yuan per month eating in front of her webcam. This sounds like something Eric should do.
The Force Awakens!!!
Did you feel it? Did you sense it? The internet all over the world is exploding in nerdgasm. That's right, the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII has recharged fans after three terrible movies. The new trailer was well received and has spawned a series of parodies. Regardless of the parodies, the trailer is worth watching.
Human punching bags
Some people can take a punch, others can really take a punch. Those "others" are now cashing in on their innate abilities by becoming professional punching bags. These human punch magnets can reportedly earn 90,000 yuan a month. No clue if all the pummeling will work out like in the movies where it turns people "pretty".
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