Game winners and buzzer beaters

2006-05-11 16:02

This year's NBA playoffs have produced numerous pulsating, close-fought, down to the last second contests.

University, college, institute

2006-05-08 15:04

Reader question: In your article (The graduate - who is he?), you used "college students". Why not "university students"? Is there any difference between a college and a university?

The graduate - who's he?

2006-04-30 14:41

Another Question, this time from a young government employee:
"In one of my translation works, I came across this sentence: 我们部门今年招入4名大学本科生。至此,本部门大学本科生人数已达10人,研究生2人。

Folks and people

2006-04-27 15:02

Sunny writes: Yesterday, when I was doing an exercise in New Concept English 2, I got confused with the word "folk".

Buddies and cronies; friendship and cronyism

2006-04-24 14:50

Last week, we examined the English idiom "Birds of a feather flock together", which means that people who are of similar backgrounds and interests tend to stick together and become friends, or tend to become friends and stick together, whichever comes first. Today, let's examine friends and friendships in reply to a reader question.

Birds of a feather flock together

2006-04-21 14:33

Question: In this sentence - Liberal Democrats flock together - what does flock together mean?

Two legs, one round

2006-04-19 15:53

A question from a Chinese soccer fan:
"This morning, Barcelona beat AC Milan in a European soccer match. 'Barcelona took a step towards the Champions League final when a Ludovic Giuly goal earned them a 1-0 win over AC Milan at the San Siro stadium in their semi-final, first-leg match on Tuesday,' Reuters reported. My question is: why is it described as a 'first-leg' match? I am a soccer fan. I know what it means in Chinese (首回合). Why is it called 'first leg' in English, instead of 'first round'?"

Myth of Monday Blues

2006-04-17 15:34

Today being Monday, it's a good time to answer this question from a reader over an event that happened on a certain Monday in the recent past.

Taking no chances with Bausch and Lomb

2006-04-14 15:48

Benson, who identifies himself as a salesman, writes: "I read an article on but don't know what the meaning of the phrase 'taking no chances' in the following paragraph is. Please help.

More growing pains for Yao

2006-04-12 14:17

This question from a Yao Ming fan from Shanghai:"I watched Yao Ming hurting his foot in a game Tuesday morning on TV. Later, I read a report that said Yao had suffered a 'season-ending' injury. What does "season-ending" mean?"

Migrating sea turtles and students alike

2006-04-10 15:11

Meli writes in from Sydney, Australia:"The term "海归" has been one of the most popular terms in the press recently. However, I couldn't find a translated version of it from on-line. Do you have any ideas?"

Education, experience (or the lacks thereof)

2006-04-07 15:59

Huier writes (Names and locations are concealed for no apparent reason): "i happened to see your opinions to others in chinadaily. and i begin to realize that i also have some problems to you, expecting that you may give me some advice.



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