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为防用工荒 欧盟鼓励家庭主妇当上班族
Brussels sends memo to Germany, Austria and Holland ordering women to get jobs

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为防用工荒 欧盟鼓励家庭主妇当上班族

Back to work: Germany are encouraging mothers to head back to the office.

The EU wants Europe's biggest economy to avoid looming labour shortages in future by dismantling barriers to women entering the workforce.

'Germany must better integrate women into the labour market," said the EU Commission, in a report on the German economy.

'Germany, but also Austria and the Netherlands, should look at the example of the northern countries,” said President José Manuel Barroso, in a reference to Scandinavia.

'That means removing obstacles for women, older workers, foreigners and low-skilled job-seekers to get into the workforce. Excessive early retirement regulations need to be abolished.'

The Commission recommends that Germany take steps such as creating more child care places and reducing income tax for dual earners.

Taxing couples separately instead of as a pair could encourage more part-time, second-income earners to take up full-time work.

Just 2.2 percent of leadership positions at Germany's top 100 companies are held by women, according to a survey by the German Institute for Economic Research. But the conservative led coalition government of Chancellor Angela Merkel baulked earlier this year at legislation to even things up.

The EU's concerns about Germany come even though the country has embarked on a back-to-works scheme for women that the media has dubbed 'Operation Mama.'

To sustain both the economy and Germany's lavish welfare state, an action plan to call in mothers who have not worked before is on the table - along with plans to subsidise IVF treatment for childless couples.

Engineering, nursing, IT specialists, care-workers and semi-skilled workers are among those most needed according to a white paper prepared for Chancellor Merkel by eight ministries last month.

By turning inwards for help from its own population, Germany is effectively sending a signal to workers from eastern EU countries - allowed to work in Germany since 1 May this year after a German restrictions were lifted - that it would rather give jobs to Germans.

'Operation Mama,' as it has become known, is aimed first at close to 500,000 mothers with children aged between six and 16. Studies show they are eager to become workers if some practical child-care programme were in place.

(Read by Nelly Min. Nelly Min is a journalist at the China Daily Website.)
















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(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮 编辑:冯明惠)


looming: (of an event regarded as ominous or threatening) seemingly about to happen(似乎即将发生的)

dismantle: to end an organization or system gradually in an organized way (逐渐)废除,取消

dual earners: 双薪家庭,双职工家庭。

baulk: to prevent somebody from getting something or doing something(阻止;阻碍)

even something up: 使拉平;使相等;使平衡

embark on something: 从事,着手,开始(新的或艰难的事情)

lavish: giving or doing something generously(慷慨的;大方的)

on the table: (of a plan, suggestion, etc.) offered to people so that they can consider or discuss it(将计划、建议等)提供考虑;提交讨论

IVF: the abbreviation for 'in vitro fertilization' (a process which fertilizes an egg from a woman outside her body. The egg is then put inside her uterus to develop.) 体外受精(全写为 in vitro fertilization,使卵子在母体外受精后再放回子宫内发育)

white paper: 白皮书

in place: in the correct position; ready for something(在正确位置;准备妥当)