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The Ice World show at The Venetian Macao is proving so popular that the show is being continued through Oct 9. In the Wonders of the World section, you can see a replica of India’s Taj Majal and France’s Eiffel carved from ice.


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Ice is a small word with just three letters, but it has many meanings in English. Ice is the definition of frozen water. It’s also slang for diamonds or other flashy jewelry – real or fake. Someone will say, “She’s wearing a lot of ice.”

If you “ice” a cake, you’re putting frosting (“icing”) on the cake. If you “ice” a person, you killed him. If you are fighting with your cousin, and your mother tells you, “You are skating on thin ice,” that means you are about to get into trouble. If I put a “project on ice,” that means I put it aside to work on something else.

An “ice princess” is a young woman who is cold-natured. If you don’t like the woman, you can say, “That ice princess doesn’t cut any ice with me.”

Ice只有3个字母,但含义丰富。Ice除了表示“冰”,在俚语中还可以表示钻石或珠宝(不管真货假货)。有的人会说,“She’s wearing a lot of ice”。

如果你说ice a cake,就表示你在蛋糕上加了霜状白糖。如果你说ice a person,意思是说你杀了他。如果你和堂兄妹正干仗,你的妈妈会跟你说,“You are skating on thin ice”,意思是说你俩再这么下去要出事儿了。如果我put a project on ice,就是说我把活放一边去忙别的。

Ice princess是形容一个性情冷淡的年轻女子。如果你不喜欢她,你可以说“That ice princess doesn’t cut any ice with me.”

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