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China Daily Video News November 27, 2009

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Mine sorrow

China is in mourning, still trying to come to terms with the mining disaster that happened in the north-eastern city of Hegang. Front pages have been dominated by this story all week. Funerals for the victims have already started to take place as praise is lavished on the rescue workers, who endured raw temperatures and great danger to their own lives as they sought to try to save others

Small talk on future cars

Talks are underway in advance of the climate change summit in Copenhagen next month. But here in China at the Guangzhou auto show new electric car models have been unveiled as part of the country’s ongoing bid to reduce emissions.

The show has also revealed future trends in vehicles. And in China, that looks it is going to be dominated by smaller, lower-cost vehicles, made by local producers.

Breath of fresh air for economy

What would you say in China best performing asset? Gold maybe? Or stocks? Actually it’s garlic. So be warned, it’s not just the economy that’s strong.

The price of garlic has almost quadrupled since March, propelled in part by the belief that garlic wards off the effects of H1N1 flu.

Bad toy story

But there has been bad news for Toy Town this week. Exports have slumped from China’s biggest toymaking province, Guangdong. It’s not that demand has disappeared from the world’s children, it’s just the costs are rising. The EU and America have placed stringent standards on toys, and it means that Chinese manufacturers are having to spend more on inspection costs.

Gold diggers…

If someone says ‘dig those jewels’ the chances are they are expressing admiration for your necklace. But digging for jewels? That’s a different story. Yet two men dug a 32-metre tunnel in order to loot a jewellery store in Jiangyang, in Fujian province. The dig took a month. After they were arrested, the so-called Tunnel Two said they got the idea from a TV show.

D-cup or D-reg?

But it’s not just China that’s home to bizarre tales…

Earlier, we told you about the Guangzhou autoshow. But would you trade your car for a facelift? That’s what one person in Venezuela has done – as part of the massively-increasing number of plastic surgery procedures in a country which has been dubbed by some commentators the ‘Liposuction Republic’. All these despite the country’s financial background. Inflation is up by 20 percent. That’s big augmentation…of prices, of course.

Behind the scene

Before we go, just a word about a new series on the China Daily website. Ever wondered what it’s like to be a journalist, covering big events? Well, this series is called ‘Behind The Scenes’ and it’s China Daily reporters telling you what it’s really like. And it isn’t anything you’ll have read the actual newspaper – these are the secrets of the scoops. Don’t forget to log on to find out more.

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China Daily Video News November 27, 2009
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China Daily Video News November 27, 2009

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