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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2《牛仔裤的夏天2》精讲之二

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Carmen’s mother: The movers are coming tomorrow.

Carmen: I thought we weren't moving till August.

Carmen’s mother: Oh, I know, but David felt that we should move sooner.

Carmen: Mom, guess what. I got cast in a play.

Carmen’s mother: Nena, that's wonderful!

Carmen: It was an accident, but still...

Carmen’s mother: Did you tell your friends?

Carmen: Well, Julia knows.

Carmen’s mother: No, I mean your other friends.

Carmen: Yeah. No. Well, they're kind of busy. Mum, I have to go. I'm gonna be late for rehearsal. Can I call you back?

Carmen’s mother: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Carmen: I love you.

Carmen’s mother: Love you too.

Lena’s letter: Dear Carmabelle, these might have had a miracle left in them after all. I'll e-mail you! Love, Lena.

Julia: Hey. You ready? The read-through starts in 10 minutes.

Carmen: Yep, all ready.

Julia: Wow. What are these?

Carmen: Oh, nothing. They're just an old pair of pants.

Julia: Oh. Let's go. Hey, Margaret. Where would you like us?

Margaret: Actually, we changed the call to principals only. We just need Carmen. The rest of you can have the day off.

Julia: Oh. Wow, well, good luck.

Carmen: Thanks.

Margaret: Carmen, your seat's next to Ian.

Woman: Hello, dear.

Carmen: Hi.

Ian: You're welcome.

Carmen: Oh, I'm sorry, did I forget to say thank you? Thank you.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2《牛仔裤的夏天2》精讲之二

Ian: How do you feel?

Carmen: Like a fake.

Ian: Please. You had them at, "Um, hi." Morning, Nigel. Nigel, this is Carmen Lowell. She's playing Perdita.

Carmen: Hi. It's nice to meet you. I'm a big fan. Huge, actually.

Nigel: Yes, our young apprentice on the main stage.

Carmen: Was that a compliment?

Ian: With Nigel, you'll never know.

Bill: Margaret.

Margaret: The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare. Act one, scene one.


Nasrin: Hey. How is it going in the new room?

Bridget: Well, apparently these women never vacuumed. I was wondering, how's it going in the mortuary? Have they found any more graves near Cleo's?

Nasrin: Not yet.

Bridget: Um...'cause I was thinking, maybe I should transfer there, just in case they need more help.

Nasrin: Bridget, Archaeology is more than just finding bones. These people, they painted their pots, made their sanctuaries, told their stories on every surface they had. It is what I love most about them. That they left so much of themselves for us to find.

Bridget: Yeah, but...

Nasrin: Like you, I have lost family and my home. To a bloody war. I'm just fascinated by what is left. What endures.


Tibby: (reading Carmen’s letter) Tib, here are the pants. Nothing happened. Carmen. Great. Give me a miracle. Give me a miracle. And feel the miracle. Pants, please give me a miracle. Ohm. And stretch the miracle back. I just want a miracle, please! (Phone rings) Hello.

Lena: Tibby! Hey, what's going on? You haven't answered any of my e-mails. Are you okay?

Tibby: No.

Lena: Well...I'm getting in the car right now. Just hang on. Can I bring you anything?

Tibby: Pregnancy test?

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. mover: 搬运家具的人,搬家工人。

2. cast: 分配角色;选派角色。

3. rehearsal: 排演。例如:The play is in rehearsal now.(这出戏正在排演中。)

4. read-through: 通读,从头到尾地读一遍。

5. principal: 主要演员;主角。

6. fake: 冒充者。

7. apprentice: 学徒。

8. vacuum: 用真空吸尘器清扫。例如:I vacuumed my room yesterday.(昨天我用吸尘器清扫了房间。)

9. mortuary: 太平间;停尸房。

10. sanctuary: 圣所;圣殿。

11. endure: 持续;持久。Youth will not endure.(青春易逝。)



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