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Monorail to ease Shanghai's congestion

2013-05-09 10:41
Shanghai is likely to introduce the country's first suspended monorail train by 2015 to improve the city's worsening traffic congestion.

Brothers burned by boy while copying TV scene

2013-05-08 10:13
Two young brothers from Jiangsu province, seriously burned while imitating a scene from a TV animation series, were admitted to a Beijing hospital.

Lawyers get an advocate

2013-05-08 10:13
A top judge's call to boost lawyers' role at courts will help reduce wrongful convictions, legal experts said.

34 detained for attack on police, govt workers

2013-05-07 10:42
Police in Anhui province detained 34 suspects for attacking police officers and government workers during investigations into pyramid selling.

Shanghai shops closed in fake mutton scandal

2013-05-07 10:42
Nine cooked food stores that sold fake mutton in Shanghai have been temporarily or permanently closed.

Home truths concerning Detroit's cheap housing

2013-05-06 13:57
Thousands of would-be Chinese Donald Trumps have expressed an interest in going on a property buying tour of the Motor City.

Apple losing its sweetness, edge?

2013-05-06 10:38
Apple Inc's quarterly profit is projected to shrink for the first time in a decade, hurt by new products with lower profit margins and slower growth in iPhone sales.

Buyers lured by local goods

2013-05-06 10:38
Chinese customers are no longer swayed by the lure of foreign brands and would instead prefer to buy more brands that are made in China, a survey said.

Hunt continues for survivors of Bangladesh building collapse

2013-04-26 10:28
Rescuers in Bangladesh on Thursday hunted for survivors in a collapsed building as the death toll rose above 200.

China Unicom sees profit surge

2013-04-26 10:28
China Unicom (Hong Kong), the nation's second-largest telecom operator, saw net profits surge 89 percent to 1.9 billion yuan in the first quarter.

Truck driver's organs save five lives in Wuhan

2013-04-25 10:57
A family's decision to donate the organs of a dead loved one to patients on the transplant list has saved five lives in Wuhan.

General aviation firms offer quake relief help

2013-04-25 10:57
General aviation service providers have urged authorities to include them in the nation's emergency response system so they can join relief work.

China Eastern tests flight using biofuel

2013-04-25 10:57
China Eastern Airlines completed its first successful test flight of an aircraft powered by biofuel on Wednesday.

Hollande's visit expected to open new chapter

2013-04-25 10:57
French President Francois Hollande will arrive in Beijing for his first official visit to China on Thursday to pave the way for stronger bilateral exchanges.

Copyrights take a bite out of Apple

2013-04-24 10:10
Electronics giant Apple Inc was ordered to compensate three Chinese writers a total of more than 730,000 yuan for infringing on their copyright.

Customers not warm on charity coffee

2013-04-24 10:10
A charity program in Shanghai allowing people to buy an extra cup of coffee and reserve it for those who cannot afford to buy a drink is off to a slow start.

Death toll reaches 26 in Baoxing

2013-04-23 10:27
The death toll in Baoxing - the only isolated county after Saturday's earthquake - had reached 26 by 10 pm on Monday.

Volunteer team helping students find sense of normalcy

2013-04-23 10:27
The school is providing shelter for more than 2,000 survivors of the magnitude-7 earthquake that hit Sichuan province on Saturday.

Chinese soldiers clear mines, win hearts

2013-04-22 10:25
The 11th International Day of UN Peacekeepers falls on May 29 to commemorate the contribution of peacekeeping soldiers to the safety of conflict-prone countries.

Red Cross to be open, transparent

2013-04-22 10:25
The executive vice-president of the Red Cross Society of China asked for social understanding to help facilitate the ongoing disaster relief efforts.

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