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Suspect taken into custody for online rumors

2013-09-30 10:11
A self-proclaimed environmental protection activist has been detained by police amid an ongoing crackdown on online rumors.

Shanghai fest blooms with global arts

2013-09-27 10:37
The China Shanghai International Arts Festival will kick off on Oct 18 at Shanghai Culture Square with a modern dance production of Swan Lake.

US female astronaut praises China's space program

2013-09-27 10:37
A female astronaut from the United States has spoken highly of the development of China’s aerospace program.

Smartphone shipments to soar

2013-09-26 10:17
Smartphone shipments in China will hit 450 million in 2014, pushed up by aggressive tactics by local vendors.

Shanghai lines up new tram system

2013-09-26 10:17
City authorities have proposed building six lines - 90 kilometers of track - in southwestern Songjiang district.

Nation expected to complete space station by 2023

2013-09-25 10:21
China will complete its first space station within 10 years and be able to send crews of up to six people for short-term missions.

More than a case of chemical attraction

2013-09-25 10:21
The Beijing Science Festival is a week-long annual festival of popular science that began in 2011.

Typhoon kills 25 in Guangdong

2013-09-24 10:19
Typhoon Usagi killed at least 25 people after making landfall in Guangdong province on Sunday evening.

96 die in attacks across Iraq

2013-09-23 10:36
Two suicide bombers, one in an explosives-laden car and the other on foot, struck a cluster of funeral tents packed with mourning families.

US shooting leaves 13 dead

2013-09-18 10:11
A former US naval reservist killed 12 people and wounded 14 in a shooting rampage at a military base in the heart of Washington on Monday.

Farmers feel the pinch as demand for crabs plummets

2013-09-18 10:11
Orders for the popular Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, which officially went on sale on Tuesday, are lower than in previous years.

Tibet gears up for new climbing season

2013-09-17 11:00
The Tibet autonomous region is bracing itself for the start of the fall climbing season.

Key economic indicators point to sound fundamentals

2013-09-17 11:00
China is almost certain to be able to achieve growth no lower than 7.5 percent in 2013.

Stranded cruise guests flown home

2013-09-16 10:31
About 1,120 passengers from the Chinese luxury liner Henna, which is being held at the South Korean island of Jeju, returned to Beijing on Sunday.

More foreigners get residency permits

2013-09-16 10:31
Chinese green cards help attract talent from abroad and enhance the country's interaction with the world, an official says.

US still first choice for rising number of migrants

2013-09-13 10:37
More people than ever around the world are living abroad, and the United States remains the most popular destination.

Shared culture helps build bridges

2013-09-13 10:37
Ningxia Hui autonomous region is emerging as a new driving force for development in the west through the revival of the ancient Silk Road trade route.

New Shangri-La targets conventioneers

2013-09-12 10:15
To cater to the constantly changing demands of event organizers, the hotel unveiled new promotions this year, including themed coffee breaks.

China's Christian churches reduce leaders' age ceiling

2013-09-12 10:15
China's top Christian authority has decided to lower the age ceiling for its senior religious leaders.

Hong Kong, Shanghai among the elite

2013-09-11 10:28
Shanghai remains the world's sixth most influential financial center, according to a new index of 45 cities, while Hong Kong moved up the ranks to third place.

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