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Classes offered to students with HIV

2014-07-14 10:30
Taking the exams was an important experience for the Red Ribbon students, Guo said.

US sincerity tested over cyber security

2014-07-11 09:51
The comments came on Thursday as Beijing criticized a US media report that accused China of cyber espionage against Washington.

Gunman kills 4 of his children

2014-07-11 09:51
Gilliand said there were "two hours of constant talking with a man armed with a pistol to his head and who had just killed six people".

China, US unite against illegal wildlife trafficking

2014-07-10 14:37
Vice-Premier Liu Yandong said during the forum that it is a common aspiration of the international community to protect wildlife.

Death toll rises in Israeli strikes

2014-07-10 14:37
Further north, another missile hit Beit Hanun, killing 40-year-old Sahar al Masri and her 14-year-old son Ibrahim, he said.

Klinsmann stays upbeat about future

2014-07-04 10:21
"It was real drama, a thriller, we had enough possibilities to equalize the game or even put it away earlier. It was a game that just went to the extreme."

Heilongjiang signs aircraft deal with Russia

2014-07-04 10:21
This is not the first time a Chinese province has attempted to cooperate with Russian aircraft giants to boost its own aviation industry.

Ex-FIFA ref's prison term cut by one year

2014-07-03 10:43
Lu Jun, 55, attended a sentence-reduction hearing in a courtroom in Yancheng Prison, Hebei province.

Graft charges cloud future for Sarkozy

2014-07-03 10:43
If convicted of the charges, Sarkozy could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

Illegal drugs go up in smoke in Guangdong

2014-06-27 13:41
The drugs, which were burned at the square of the Humen Sea Battle Museum, included 100 kg of ketamine, 125 kg of methamphetamine and 17 kg of heroin.

DPRK calls murder film 'act of terror'

2014-06-27 13:41
Rogen poked fun at the threat on Twitter, writing: "People don't usually wanna kill me for one of my movies until after they've paid 12 bucks for it".

Decades-old farm subsidy system to be phased out

2014-06-26 15:36
Experts say the change will not endanger food security nor result in steep price drops in major agricultural products.

Tijuana drug cartel chief arrested while watching World Cup

2014-06-26 15:36
Sanchez Arellano had $100,000 in cash when he was arrested, Rubido said at a news briefing at which he didn't take questions.

Activists protest dog-eating tradition

2014-06-23 13:53
"As long as we can save one dog, we will do it," said Yang Yuhua, 64, from Chongqing municipality.

Abbas defends cooperation with Israel

2014-06-23 13:53
"We are still looking and searching to find out who carried out such an act," Abbas said.

Chinese in Iraq feel rising pressure

2014-06-19 16:14
The Chinese government is keeping a wary eye on Iraq and its citizens there as the security situation in the country deteriorates.

Rare stamp sets record at New York auction

2014-06-19 16:14
A one-cent postage stamp from a 19th century British colony in South America has become the world's most valuable stamp - again.

Decoding China

2014-06-18 14:48
An award-winning documentary series has shone a light on some of the most troubling issues faced by the nation's leaders and people.

Li lands landmark deals in London

2014-06-18 14:48
Li and Cameron oversaw the signing of deals ranging from energy, finance and infrastructure to climate change.

Life of Pi without CGI, in NE China

2014-06-17 10:28
Zhang recorded a 10-minute video on his mobile of the tiger swimming in the river until it went ashore, leaving clear footprints in the sand.

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