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It is lucky 13 for bullish Nadal

2013-09-11 10:28
Nadal has won a record eight titles at the French Open, two each at US Open and Wimbledon and one at Australian Open.

Kim presides over mass parade

2013-09-10 10:09
Kim waved to troops marching through central Pyongyang to mark the DPRK's 65th birthday, but made no public comments.

Region urged to facilitate tourism

2013-09-10 10:09
Central Asian nations should take a host of measures to attract more Chinese travelers.

Australia's Abbott to scrap carbon tax

2013-09-09 10:05
Abbott met with bureaucrats to go over his border security plans and said his first priority would be to repeal the unpopular carbon tax.

Beijing set to host global tourism center

2013-09-09 10:05
The delights and flavors of the world's leading cities are coming to Beijing with the opening of a center dedicated to replicating what tourists will see.

Working-class students find low-budget education abroad

2013-09-06 10:27
Low-cost programs in some European and Asian countries, costing no more than 100,000 yuan ($16,340) per year.

Hair thieves prey on Venezuelan women

2013-09-06 10:27
They already endure staggering levels of street crime. Now, Venezuelans have something new to fear - muggers who chop off their hair.

Bank of America finally exits CCB

2013-09-05 10:06
The American bank has been reducing its shares in CCB since 2009, gaining nearly HK$210 billion, 1.2 times its purchase costs.

Abbott promises to focus on Asia if elected Australian PM

2013-09-05 10:06
Australian election front-runner Tony Abbott vowed on Wednesday that Asia will be his main foreign policy focus if he assumes office.

Warning over lavish banquets

2013-09-04 10:07
Officials nationwide have been warned not to spend public money on gifts such as luxury moon-cakes

Guideline issued to strengthen teachers' ethics

2013-09-04 10:07
Drafted by the Ministry of Education, the guideline aims to establish a way to prevent teachers from breaching professional ethics.

US diverts Nimitz for possible assistance with Syria

2013-09-03 10:08
It has not been assigned a specific mission and defense officials described the move as "prudent positioning".

Zhang Yimou to team up with schoolmate on new film

2013-09-03 10:08
Zhang will co-direct a film about a legendary beauty from 1,400 years ago with Tian Zhuangzhuang.

Eurasian nations focus on Net

2013-09-02 10:27
How to effectively regulate content on the Internet and manage new media have become major issues for China and other Eurasian countries.

Beijing prepares for September gridlock

2013-09-02 10:27
Beijing's traffic authorities will use motorbikes and helicopters as part of a series of measures to tackle heavy traffic in September.

Google executive to aid Xiaomi's growth

2013-08-30 10:13
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi said on Thursday that it hired a top executive from Google in a bid to boost its overseas business.

Fair brings Hami melons to Beijing

2013-08-30 10:13
Beijing residents can expect to taste more fresh melons from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Rubber duck to float in Beijing

2013-08-29 10:31
After touring 13 cities in 10 countries, a giant rubber duck  will be in Beijing from September to October.

Zoos rethink matchmaking tactics for endangered species

2013-08-29 10:31
Today, survival plans exist for more than 500 species, including cheetahs, Asian elephants and black-footed ferrets.

Venezuela nabs hit men targeting president

2013-08-28 10:09
Venezuela said on Monday it had derailed a plot to kill President Nicolas Maduro, arresting two hit men.

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