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DPRK urged to halt rocket plan

2012-12-04 10:41
Russia urged the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Monday to rethink its plan to launch a rocket later this month.

Aussie cigarette law takes effect

2012-12-03 10:32
A law forcing tobacco firms to sell cigarettes in plain packets came into effect in Australia in an effort to strip any glamor from smoking.

India's 'dancing bears' retire in animal rights victory

2012-12-03 10:32
The sight of poorly fed bears being forced to dance on the streets of India is a thing of the past as a campaign to wipe out the practice has finally borne fruit.

No news is good news as violent crime takes a holiday

2012-11-30 10:17
New York City passed a day without a single report of a person subject to any sorts of violent crime for the first time in recent memory.

Musicians to record hundreds of Western classics

2012-11-30 10:17
Music is one of the most effective ways of aesthetic education for young people, because it can enrich young people's inner world.

BMW optimistic about market growth

2012-11-29 10:29
Despite the slowing economy and the current fluctuations in the automobile market, China's car market will continue to grow.

Shenzhen book hails ideas that built city

2012-11-29 10:29
A symposium of foreign readers was held Wednesday for the new book Top 10 Concepts of Shenzhen.

Foreign cheese firms eye big slice of China's market

2012-11-28 10:27
China's cheese market is booming as more diners in the nation take their first bite of this still relative newcomer to their plates.

Rising cancer rate leads to calls for smoking controls

2012-11-28 10:27
The high rate of lung cancer in Beijing, which has increased dramatically over the past decade, shows the necessity for stricter control of smoking.

Rolling Stones turn back the clock

2012-11-27 10:20
The Rolling Stones turned back the clock in style on Sunday with their first concert in five years.

$1.5b to be spent online on Cyber Monday

2012-11-27 10:20
Black Friday is a distant memory. Small Business Saturday is long gone. Now, it's Cyber Monday's turn.

Obama likely to take on climate change during second term

2012-11-26 11:01
China expects US President Barack Obama will give climate change more attention in his upcoming second term.

Arafat's body will be dug up to examine cause of death

2012-11-26 11:01
Rumors and speculation have surrounded Arafat's death ever since a quick deterioration of his condition saw his passing in November 2004.

Gangnam Style video becomes most viewed

2012-11-26 11:01
South Korean rap star Psy's music video Gangnam Style on Saturday became the most watched item ever posted to YouTube with more than 800 million views.

Hobbit fever grips New Zealand

2012-11-26 11:01
Up to 100,000 people are expected to line the streets of Wellington on Wednesday for the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Museum leaders find plenty to like in China

2012-11-23 10:14
The US museum directors can learn a lot from China, especially the Chinese museums' adoption of cutting-edge technology to connect art to life.

Lonesome George was not so lonely

2012-11-23 10:14
There are at least 17 tortoises on the Galapagos that have similar genetic traits to George, including some that may be from his genus.

Leading role pledged to fight climate change

2012-11-22 10:19
China's top climate-change official expressed China's readiness to play an active and constructive role in international efforts to combat global warming.

Police bust 12 gangs that kidnapped kids

2012-11-22 10:19
Ninety suspects were arrested on charges of abducting Xinjiang children and coercing them to be thieves or robbers.

Diplomats invited to CPC briefing

2012-11-21 11:02
The diplomats asked questions about Party building, as well as intra-Party democracy and transparency, and had discussions with the speakers.

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