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Deng TV series lifts the lid on key years

2014-08-12 10:15
A host of political twists following the "cultural revolution" (1966-76) are revealed in a TV series commemorating the life of late top leader Deng Xiaoping.

Experts join fight against Ebola

2014-08-12 10:15
China has sent three teams of experts to Ebola-affected West African countries to help fight the deadly virus.

First lady attends opening of camp for AIDS orphans

2014-08-11 11:12
China's first lady, Peng Liyuan, was in Beidaihe, Hebei province, on Friday, to attend the opening ceremony of a summer camp for AIDS orphans.

Red Cross teams shifting to reconstruction work

2014-08-08 11:02
The Red Cross society of China has shifted focus from search and rescue to post-disaster reconstruction in the quake hit Ludian county.

Apple products to be excluded from government purchasing list

2014-08-07 10:48
The Chinese government has excluded apple products from a list of products that can be purchased with public money over security concerns.

Shaolin plans to develop video games on kung fu

2014-08-06 09:59
The Shaolin Temple in Henan province is to develop a new line of kung fu-themed video games to expand its influence among younger audiences.

Health staff at games on lookout for Ebola virus

2014-08-06 09:59
The Jiangsu provincial epidemic prevention agency is urging the public not to worry about the Ebola virus during the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

Swift action urged after quake

2014-08-05 09:51
Top leaders have told rescuers to race against time to save lives and do their best to resettle survivors following the earthquake in Yunnan province.

Cuban scorpion venom helps fight cancer

2014-08-05 09:51
Venom from a scorpion native to Cuba, Rophalorus junceus, is being used by scientists as an effective weapon against cancer.

US doctor with Ebola virus arrives in Atlanta for treatment

2014-08-04 10:45
A US doctor infected with the Ebola virus in Africa was able to walk from an ambulance into an Atlanta hospital on Saturday .

At least 381 dead as strong earthquake jolts Yunnan

2014-08-04 10:45
At least 381 people were killed and more than 1,800 injured by a strong earthquake that jolted Southwest China's Yunnan province on Sunday afternoon.

Henan wilting in record drought

2014-08-01 11:22
Severe drought has sent river levels in parts of central and northern China to record lows.

Defense Ministry opens door to foreign media

2014-08-01 11:22
Geng Yansheng began the 37th monthly news conference with a warm welcome for the eight foreign correspondents.

Reforming hukou will unify rights of migrants

2014-07-31 11:01
Chinese migrant workers living in cities will gradually have full access to schools and hospitals where they work.

Delays at airports see surge in flight insurance

2014-07-31 11:01
Travel agencies have reported brisk sales of flight-delay insurance policies in the past two weeks.

Foreign kids enjoy summer fun in DPRK

2014-07-30 11:09
The campers spend the eight days cooking, swimming, boating and mingling with their DPRK counterparts.

Dozens left dead or injured after terror attack in Xinjiang

2014-07-30 11:09
Dozens of civilians were killed or injured in a terrorist attack in Kashgar prefecture of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region.

Asylum seekers in limbo could sue Australia govt

2014-07-29 10:43
The fate of 157 Sri Lankan asylum seekers held at sea for almost a month before being brought to a detention center in Australia was stuck in limbo.

OSI group to fund food safety

2014-07-29 10:43
US-based OSI Group announced on Monday that it would invest 10 million yuan ($1.62 million) three-year food safety education campaign in China.

Harsher safety measures urged amid scandal

2014-07-28 20:39
Legal experts and industry insiders are calling for more stringent legislation on food safety after a scandal involving the Shanghai Husi Food Co.

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