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Newspapers reported that the son of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also is known for his muscles, is “muscling” his way into the world of billboards by appearing in ads for blue jeans.


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Did you know that muscle is from the Latin word for “little mouse?” Apparently, the muscles Romans built up doing weight lifting looked like little mice underneath their togas.

Today, muscle also means to try to force your way into something. Example: “He muscled his way onto the crowded subway car.” Muscle also can mean big, strong bodyguards. A “lot of muscle” can mean a lot of bodyguards. You hear the word muscle used that way in a lot of gangster movies. Example: “That gangster has a lot of enemies, so he always brings a lot of muscle when he comes to town.”

你知道muscle这个词来自于拉丁文“little mouse”吗?很明显,罗马人举重时,宽袍子下面的肌肉就像小老鼠。

如今,muscle还表示努力挤进去。比如:He muscled his way onto the crowded subway car. Muscle还可以用来形容五大三粗的保镖。A “lot of muscle”就是说很多保镖。在很多黑帮片里你经常可以听到这个词。比方说:That gangster has a lot of enemies, so he always brings a lot of muscle when he comes to town.

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