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Let one's hair down

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Let one's hair down
Lee Hannon

Reader's question:

Although it makes a competent Internet kiosk for the techno-savvy grandparent or cash-strapped college student, the Eee Box 1501 isn't afraid to let its hair down and stream a bit of Hulu. Some people might also find it easy on the eyes.

Could you explain "to let one's hair down"?

To let one’s hair down is an idiom used to describe letting go of your inhibitions or to behave casually or informally. For instance when two sisters meet up they would let their hair down and discuss all their problems. The expression dates back to the 17th century when letting one’s hair down was a common part of daily life. Hair, in those days, was normally pinned up and let down for washing or brushing.

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About the author:

Lee Hannon is a journalist at China Daily website with 15-years experience in print and broadcast journalism. Born in England, Lee has traveled extensively around the world as a journalist including four years as a senior editor in Los Angeles. He now lives in Beijing and is happy to move to China and join the China Daily team.