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Winter's Bone《冬天的骨头》精讲之五

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Merab: You were warned. You were warned nice, and you wouldn't listen. Why didn't you listen?

Megan: What are we ever going to do with you, baby girl?

Ree: Kill me, I guess.

Megan: That idea has been said already. Got any others?

Ree: Help me. Ain't nobody said that idea yet, have they?

Megan: I tried to help you some before. This is what come of it.

Thump: You got somethin' to say, child, you best say it now.

Ree: I got two kids that can't feed themselves yet. My mom's sick, and she's always gonna be sick. Pretty soon the laws are coming and taking our house and throwing us out to live in the field like dogs. If Dad has done wrong, Dad has paid, and whoever killed him, I don't need to know all that. But I can't forever carry them kids...and my mom, not without that house.

Man 1: Oh, shit. I ain't gonna stand here naked when that motherfucker comes in.

Teardrop: Where is she?

Man 2: Don't get all excited, Teardrop. She was warned, and more than once.

Teardrop: You hit her?

Merab: He never. No man here touched that crazy girl. I put the hurt on her, me and my sisters. They were here, too.

Teardrop: What Jessup done was against our ways. He knew it, I know it, and I ain't raised no stink at all about whatever became of him. But she ain't my brother. She's about all the close family I got left, so I'll be collecting her now and carrying her on out of here to home. That suit you, Thump?

Thump: You're gonna stand for her, are you?

Teardrop: If she does wrong, you can put it on me.

Thump: She's now yours to answer for.

Teardrop: This is a girl who ain't gonna tell nobody nothing.

Thump: You boys give him a hand. Go on, put her in his truck.

Winter's Bone《冬天的骨头》精讲之五

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. This is what come of it: 这就是帮你的结果。come of意思是“是……的结果”。come of age指“成年”。

2. stink: 吵闹;争吵。例如:He is always raising a stink about all kinds of things.(他总是为了各种事情大吵大闹。)

3. whatever became of him: 不管在他身上发生了什么。become of意思是“发生于,使遭遇”。看一下例子:What's become of George? I've heard nothing of him for ages.(乔治情况怎样?我好久没听到他的消息了。)

4. stand for somebody: 支持某人。影片中指的是蕾的叔叔要挺她。

5. put it on me: 把帐算在我头上。

6. answer for: 对……负责;担保,保证(某人的品质等)。看一下例子:We all must answer for our actions.(我们都必须对自己的行动负责。)



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