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Love and Other Drugs《爱情与灵药》精讲之二

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Bruce: Models. Beauty queens. Equestrian princesses. Shit. You know what I heard? They're even starting to hire strippers. I heard that.

Jamie: Hey, Lisa!

Bruce: Her name's not Lisa.

Jamie: I know. I know. But if every time I say, "Hey, Lisa," then eventually she'll come up to me and she'll be like, you know, "My name's not Lisa, it's Jennifer," or whatever, and I'll do a big apology and I'll say, "I thought you were the Lisa who was mad at me for not calling." And from then on, Jennifer, or whatever her name is, will think that I dated a girl who looked just like her, who I rejected. She'll develop this unconscious need to win my approval, and from then on, it's cake.

Bruce: Damn! Accepted etiquette is one rep at a time. Screw etiquette. Competing reps are not your friends. Okay, Knight. Where you going?

Jamie: Oh. Sorry.

Bruce: Knight is a doc you gotta close. Leads the largest group in the city. Lots of fucked-up college students on Prozac who should be on Zoloft.

Jamie: You always bring donuts?

Bruce: Pharma sales is a lot like dating. They want you to take them to dinner and pretend to expect nothing in return.

Jamie: And no one ever got laid by going Dutch.

Bruce: Exactly. Gail, good morning! How are you this fine day? Sick people touch those.

Knight: When I order a second test, it's for a reason, God damn it. Unbelievable!

Bruce: That's him. Another time. If they don't take us in five minutes, we leave. Only losers wait.

Gail: There he is.

Trey: Hey there, beautiful. How you doing?

Gail: Get over here, Trey.

Trey: Two tickets to La Boh¨¨me on the 19th.

Gail: I hate you. Can't you go with me instead of my husband?

Bruce: Trey Hannigan. Lilly's Prozac rep, top 10 nationally. The Devil.

Gail: He's on the phone with Watson. You can go on back.

Bruce: He's the reason we never make our quota on Zoloft.

Jamie: Is he going in?

Bruce: What a dick! If we can show 5% gains monthly, we're going to the promised land.

Jamie: The promised land?

Bruce: Chicago. Civilization. Culture. And not incidentally, my wife and kids. Only the great and near-great get Chicago, but I got a hunch that you and your swinging dick might be my ticket to the big leagues.

Jamie: Good morning.

Gail: Doctor only sees new reps who bring a lunch. Here's a list of available dates. The first one is in five weeks. Here's a list of approved foods, no sushi, no salads.

Jamie: No salads.

Gail: Leave your samples with me.

Jamie: Hi.

Gail: Five weeks.

Jamie: You're going to like me.

Gail: I beg your pardon?

Jamie: Sooner or later, everybody does. You wanna know why? 'Cause I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. I'm very trainable. What's your name?

Gail: Gail. Five weeks.

Jamie: Oh, Gail, that's not fair. I'm laying myself bare here. I'm revealing my true vulnerability. And now you're stonewalling me. Is that fair?

Cindy: That's not fair.

Gail: You stay out of this.

Jamie: Look at you angels of mercy! How do the docs get any work done around here?

Gail: Fine. What do you want?

Jamie: I just want you to let me leave my samples where he'll see them. 'Cause otherwise, you're gonna throw them away after I leave. Gail. No sushi, no salads.

Knight: Who let you back here?

Jamie: Oh! Dr. Knight! Do you know that prescribing Zithromax for ear infections, diarrhea and... How about a pen? Do you want a pen?

Knight: Cindy! Can you deal with this, please?

Cindy: Okay, Prince Charming, time's up. Wow! That is a long handle!

Jaime: Would you like a pen?

Cindy: Thanks.

Jamie: Purple. Bye.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. stripper: 脱衣舞女

2. it's cake: 小菜一碟,相当于It's a piece of cake.

3. screw:screw him, you, that, etc.意思是见他(或你、它)的鬼。这里布鲁斯的意思是“可恶的规矩”。

4. go Dutch: AA制。与某人平摊费用常说go Dutch with someone。

5. quota: 定额,指标。在选举中指(候选人当选所需的)规定票数,最低票数。这里布鲁斯的意思是“就是因为他,我们左洛复的份额业绩不达标”。

6.promised land: 福地;乐土;安乐境界。这里的意思是完成配额就可以去芝加哥了。

7. hunch:预感,直觉。有某种直觉通常用“have/get/a hunch”来表示,“凭直觉行事”则是“follow one’s hunch”。

例如:He had a hunch that she was lying.(他凭直觉认为她在撒谎。)

8. big leagues: 大联盟,美国两大职业棒球联盟之一。这里指公司的高级管理层。

9. stonewall: 妨碍,阻碍。政治上指通过沉默或冗长发言等手段阻碍议事或拖延决议,想尽一切办法不要把那些使自己难堪或不利的消息透露出去。

例如:We've arrested one major suspect in this murder case and also arrested another man who we believe helped the crime. But both of them are stonewalling - they refuse to answer any questions at all.


10.stay out of: 不参与,置身于……之外。 keep/stay out of somebody's way则是指“规避;避开;躲开” 。

例如:His father told him to stay out of trouble.(他父亲叫他避开是非之地。)



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