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Love Birds《爱情鸟》精讲之四

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Craig: Hey. Going out, mate?

Doug: Yeah. Having dinner with Susan. Look, Pierre's still a bit scratchy, so I'm just gonna take him with me.

Craig: See ya, mate.

Taylor: Mum? Is Doug still your friend?

Holly: Um...I'm not sure.

Taylor: Is it because of me?

Holly: No, of course not.

Taylor: I'm always gonna be friends with Artie.

Holly: I know you will, sweetheart.

Taylor: I miss Dad.

Holly: I know.

Taylor: But I sort of like Doug too. Is that OK?

Holly: Yeah. Goodnight, darling. Sleep well, yeah? Goodnight, love.

Taylor: Goodnight.

Doug: Why does it feel like I'm cheating on someone? Holly's great, but I love Susan, right? Pierre, I'm talking to you. I need your opinion. I'm gonna have dinner. It's with Susan. Well, wish me luck. Thank you.

Susan: Hi.

Doug: Hi. Sorry I'm late. Parking here's like... Whoa, you look great.

Susan: So do you, Doug.

Doug: OK.

Susan: Well...here's to the new you.

Doug: Alright.

TV: But I love you. ...the finance company was today jailed for fraud after it was discovered... How could you do this to me?! No...

Tel: Hi, this is Doug talking to you. Leave a message...

Craig: Oh, man!

Susan: I always knew you had it in you, Doug. Just needed a little nudge in the right direction.

Doug: Yeah. Suppose so.

Susan: Once the house is sold, we can look for an apartment. Maybe on the waterfront.

Doug: The waterfront?

Susan: And once we've furnished and decorated, you could get rid of that awful ute, maybe get a beemer.

Doug: I don't think I'll be driving a beemer.

Susan: Oh, come on, Doug. Sweetheart...you do want this change, don't you?

Doug: Well, yeah, but, I mean, I have changed... a little bit.

Susan: Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I ordered an entree for you.

Waitor: Enjoy your duck.

Susan: Wow. Oh. This smells divine. It tastes even better.

Doug: Susan, I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Susan: What? Why?

Doug: We just want different things. You want the best, and you should have that. But, you know, my life's fine, I'm happy with it. I just like my life the way it is.

Craig: I'm looking for Doug Gordon!

Doug: And thanks to someone, I think I know that now.

Craig: Doug! Stop, stop, stop, OK? You can't do this. It's all wrong. OK? I, um...

Doug: Craig, what are you doing here?

Craig: You're making a big, big mistake.

Doug: It's fine, honestly.

Craig: No, no, no, I slept with her!

Doug: OK! Whoo! Who heard that? Did anyone not hear? Just carry on. Man, that's...certainly newsworthy. But I've already made my mind up, alright? The person I wanna be with... Pierre!

Susan: Who the hell is Pierre?

Doug: I've gotta go. Can you take care of the bill?

Craig: Yeah, yeah.

Susan: Douglas! DOUG!

Doug: Hey! Hey!

Craig: Um... I'm a little bit short right now.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. scratchy: 会“沙沙”作响的,发出刮擦声的

也可以表示潦草的,例如:On Rowling's Black Family Tree, disowned members are indicated with a numbered scratchy black circle.(在罗琳的布莱克家谱上,被除名的成员表现为一个编了号的潦草黑圈。)

2. cheat on:be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage,对某人不忠

3. nudge: 推进,刺激

例如:We tried to nudge them towards a practical solution.(我们试图促使他们达成一个可行的解决办法。)


例如:He nudged his friend to let him know it was time to leave.(他用肘轻推他的朋友告诉他该走了。)

4. waterfront: 水边,滨水区

5. ute: 小卡车,轻型货车

6. beemer: 这里指宝马汽车

7. entree: 在美语中指主菜,英语中是指两道正菜间的小菜

8. newsworthy: 有新闻价值的

9. short: 短缺的,不足的,这里指缺钱

例如:I'm short of money this week.(我这个星期缺钱。)



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