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THE WEEK Nov 30: Black Friday

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Black Friday spoils holiday spirit

Last week in the United States, people were "celebrating" Black Friday. On the day after Thanksgiving, retail stores throughout the country offer ridiculously good deals to entice shoppers to spend all of their money. What it ends up being is chaos. Thousands of people line up outside the door and then blast their way through when it opens, causing havoc. People fight over the last toy or gadget on the shelf. It's epitome of American consumerism. It's really just sad. And dangerous, for that matter.

Another TV sitcom scandal

Angus Jones, the actor who plays Jake on the once-loved American sitcom "Two and a Half Men", went public this week with his disdain for the show. They were part of a video he made declaring his newly found stance as a devout Christian. The comments are sure to get him fired, but that seems like what he wanted. He said he can't be on that show and a devout Christian at the same time. Maybe that's why Charlie Sheen quit the show. Evidence? Sheen did a good deed this week when he loaned Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help pay off her taxes. Lohan's on the path to sobriety. Could there be a worse person to be around than Charlie Sheen?

Iowa wrestlers hunt rabbits

At the University of Iowa this week, two members of the wrestling team were suspended after they were caught illegally hunting rabbits on campus. They said all they wanted was to make rabbit-fur hats for themselves. Crazy things happen at that university; it's been named on so many consecutive lists of the best party schools in the US. But they also have the best wrestling team in the country. Could the athletes be that stupid to get kicked off the team for a homemade rabbit-fur hat? Apparently they didn't watch enough "Looney Toons" when they were kids.

This wacky world!

A 72-year-old Chinese man has hit it big after beginning to model women's clothes for his 24-year-old granddaughter’s online store.

A man in the US was arrested after it was discovered that he was hiring people to take an exam for perspective teachers that allowed them to get their teaching certificate.

The Chinese newspaper People's Daily published a story congratulating Kim Jong Un on being named the sexiest man alive in 2012 by The Onion. Unfortunately for them, The Onion's story was a joke.

And a woman in Britain grew a beard for charity to celebrate November.

The best viral video this week is my personal favorite this year. It's a gospel song about chicken by Logan Mac. Please, please enjoy it.


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