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THE WEEK Aug 16: Onward and upward

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View from the top

A Chinese medicine mogul has come under fire for an outlandish construction project on top of a Beijing high rise apartment complex. What looks to be a luxurious mountain villa is actually the product of several years of work. The problem is simple: The entire construction project was illegal, and his neighbors complain of constant noise from frequent parties. In Spain, a residential building set to be the tallest in Europe is the subject of ridicule. After architects decided to change the height of the building, they forgot to also readjust the plans for the elevators.

Bieber butt naked

Photos of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber surfaced this week, proving once again that the world is not a single step closer to witnessing the end of his antics. In the photos, the Biebs is posing naked at his grandmother's house - reportedly for a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration in 2012 - with only a guitar covering his little thing. Who can we blame for being constantly exposed to Justin's ridiculous behavior? And how can we get the teenagers of the world to end their Bieber addiction?

Hype surround Hyperloop

In the US this week, discussions have grown over a proposed transportation vehicle that could change the industry forever. It's called the hyperloop.

Although there are a few problems. Number one: the space for passengers to sit is smaller than an economy seat on an airplane. The second: most experts say it will cost much more than the six billion planned. I think the real problem comes, though, when average people are moving at speeds more than 1,100 kilometers per hour in a super small space. Here's what it would look like.

This wacky world!

Mobile phone company BlackBerry is officially for sale, although we're not sure who would be interested in buying an irrelevant mobile technology company. What we really mean to say is this: Nobody cares.

At a gun safety class in the United States, a 76-year-old instructor accidentally shot his student. We bring you this news in case you were worried that America's gun laws are already too safe.

Authorities in Scandinavia are warning swimmers to keep their clothes on. A fish called the pacu is famous for biting and eating testicles.

And a number of organizations are calling for a boycott against a series of Hitler-themed wines. Apparently for this winery, hatred is the new cheese and crackers.

Buzz word:

Mogul: an important and powerful person in a particular activity or industry


A Chinese medicine mogul built a luxurious villa on top of a Beijing high rise.

Elon Musk, a technology mogul, created plans for a super fast mode of transportation called the Hyperloop.

John D. Rockefeller was a mogul in the oil industry in the late 1800s.

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