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THE WEEK July 19: Mistake or Misfortune?

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Reporting gone wrong

The tragic story of the Flight 214 crash landing in San Francisco sparked a massive flame in the media. Reporters hunting for the newest and biggest story from the event became desperate. That desperation led to one huge news gaffe, or careless mistake, by the FOX affiliate in the city's Bay Area, KTVU.

Bieber behaving badly

Reporters aren't always that desparate to get a story, because sometimes the stories right themselves. Take Justin Bieber for example. The teen pop star has been harming his reputation in recent weeks by showing up late for concerts and allegedly spitting in a man's face (not to mention his girlfriend drama). But a video that surfaced last week has gone completely viral, and is not doing anything good for the once-adored teen heart throb. This kid needs to be taught a lesson.

Toilet proves terrifying

A man in Israel suffered an unfortunate snag. After he sat on the toilet to relieve himself, he screamed and ran in horror after a snake that was hiding inside the toilet bowl bit him in the wiener. He was eventually taken to the hospital and is reportedly feeling alright, despite a few cuts on his private part. But let this be a lesson: Always look before you sit. You never know what could happen.

This wacky world!

A new PSA from China's People's Court warns prisoners about the changes they will experience with time in prison. Juhua, a word meaning chrysanthemum and referring to the flowers on the PSA, is slang for anus. Get the picture?

A US senator said the country should boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi if Russia offers asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Forget Edward Snowden. The Olympics are far more important.

A woman in China was stuck in between two walls for seven hours. Neighbors hesitated to call police, because they reportedly though the crews were coming from a ghost. For seven hours.

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