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THE WEEK July 5: Heading for change

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Love and hate in the US

As Americans unite to celebrate their country's Independence Day on July 4, they are divided on their opinions of a new US Supreme Court ruling that gives more federal rights to same-sex married couples. The Court made three major decisions regarding gay marriage, most notably giving same-sex couples access to the federal benefits of being legally married. Conservative republicans and Christians have made their opposition known, saying the rulings mark "a sad day in America". But what does this so-called sadness look like?

College grad turned goddess

A woman who appeared on the homepage of Renmin University has become famous on the Internet after her photos went viral. Pictures of the woman, who is being called the Goddess of Renmin University, broke the mold (or did things differently than normal) of typical promotional photos for Chinese schools. Surely, she is not the first person to gain fame from such online photos. A photo of bodybuilders on the Tsinghua University homepage turned the school's gym into quite a hilarious scene.

Head transplants soon a reality?

An Italian scientist claims he has made progress in a procedure that would allow him to complete a full head transplant. Despite the name of the medical procedure, patients would actually be receiving a full body transplant. To be a success, of course, the doctor has to finely tune every single step of the process. But the movie Frankenhooker takes a much funnier look at what a head transplant might actually look like.

This wacky world!

Wealthy Chinese are taking their ability to buy absolutely anything to a new level. A new trend of drinking human breast milk has become popular in places like Shenzhen.

An American baseball club was under fire and forced to cancel a promotion giving away a free gun to a luck-draw winner.

A Vietnamese man who had his arm amputated by an American doctor during the war lost all of his identifying documents. In his quest to receive pension, he went back to the doctor and hopes to use the amputated arm as some sort of ID. The real question is, why does the doctor still have the guy’s amputated arm?

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