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THE WEEK Sept 27: In the spotlight

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Apple's latest release

New versions of Apple's iPhone are available to consumers, and the new technology they contain is more powerful than creators may have expected. Fingerprint identification systems have led users to get creative when unlocking their phones. But people familiar with using Apple products have been a noisy bunch, as they discuss iOS7, the company's newest operating system.

Do you even lift, Mom?

Heated debate broke out on the Internet after a hardworking mommy posted a photo of her pregnant self lifting weights in the gym. Thousands of comments came flooding in -- many people condemning her for her practices. But this is not a new debate. Doctors have been discussing for years if it is healthy to exercise when pregnant. So what's the big deal? Let The Week help you prepare for pregnancy!

Qingdao the new Hollywood?

A Chinese billionaire announced his plans to spend a significant amount of his fortune attempting to turn Qingdao, China, into the new Hollywood. According to reports, Wang Jianlin, who is known as China's richest man, wants to build the world's new film headquarters in the country's coastal city complete with 20 studios, an underwater studio, the world's largest stage, eight hotels, a yacht marina and a theme park. China's movie industry has been booming, but that doesn't mean the production quality is up to Hollywood standards. Let's just hope the investment goes a long way, and we can look forward to seeing some awesome Chinese movies in the near future.

This wacky world!

Redheads around the world gathered in the Netherlands to celebrate the rare color of their hair. Researchers said viewing the festivities from space looked like wildfire spreading across the entire country.

A thrift shop in New York has opened the first DJ school for toddlers. Young children can now go there and use sound-mixing software to help develop their basic motor skills.

A new product based on the popular cartoon Hello Kitty is taking the world by story. The little cat's beer line has people in Asia pouncing all over the cans, which could easily be mistaken for a children's beverage.

Buzz word

To boast -- to proudly talk about or display something you or someone close to you has accomplished; to have something good that other people or things may admire


1. The new iPhone 5S boasts fingerprint identification technology.

2. I don't mean to boast, but I just got the brand new iPhone 5S. It's awesome!

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