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THE WEEK Aug 2: Surprise, surprise!

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Grand prize: A new baby!

The host of a Pakistani game show spoke this week about the importance of spreading love and giving gifts during the month of Ramadan. And then he took that feeling to a whole new level by giving away babies to the contestants as prizes. Though it sounds cruel, the babies came from an organization that takes in and cares for abandoned children. But believe it or not, this isn't the craziest game show in history.

Prisoners living in luxury?

A new prison in California's Fremont Country has stirred up controversy. The new jail allows prisoners to pay a fee of $155 per night to stay in a quieter, more comfortable cell. Opponents of the new prison program say that the place functions as an elite jail for the rich. Supporters, however, say that the estimated $240,000 in annual revenue will help relieve debt.

Tasting in bad taste

A group of Chinese tourists have been the subject of widespread Internet condemnation after a trip to one of the country's most pristine tropical destinations. On a snorkeling trip, the group caught, killed and cooked the animals that they were supposed to be admiring. Some of those animals were protected as internationally endangered species. In Greece, an American family found an extremely rare six-armed octopus. They also killed and ate the creature. How will we ever teach tourists how to behave more properly?

This wacky world!

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has refused to pull out of the race despite evidence of sending even more sexy photos online hurting his ratings.

A Swiss man will make his first public flight with a custom built jet suit that can go over 190 miles per hours (305 km/h).

Two Canadian teenagers set a police station on fire so that they would get arrested and taken to the same prison in which their buddy is being held just so they could pay him a visit.

A Russian official said LGBT Olympians are at risk of being detained under the country's new law that prohibits gay and pro-gay sentiments.

And Justin Bieber smokes pot. (Officers found marijuana on his tour bus when it was crossing the US-Canada border.

Buzz word!

Grand prize: A grand prize is the top award a person can win in a contest, competition or sweepstakes.

In this week's lucky draw, the winner will receive a grand prize of a brand new iPhone 5!

I won the biggest math competition at my high school, but the grand prize was really boring: a new calculator.

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