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THE WEEK Dec 20: Moms, bombs and science

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My mom's hot, your mom's not

Young mothers, part of the "problematic" post 90s' generation, started posting photos to show case their attractiveness on China's largest Twitter like micro-blog Sina weibo. The youngest mother to post her photo was born in 1997.

It's the final countdown!

A bomb threat was called in earlier this week at the prestigious Harvard University. Despite the scare, the threat was unfounded. It was all the ploy of one sophomore named Kim who wanted to avoid finals.

Mad science gone good

A young Chinese man from Hunan province was the victim of a tragic accident earlier this year. 25-year-old Xiao Wei accidentally amputated his hand during a freak drilling accident. Luckily for Xiao Wei, doctors were able to save his hand by sewing the body part to his ankle. Hopefully Xiao Wei's hand will be fine, the only question now is how much movement he will get back.

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