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THE WEEK Oct 25: World leader in what?

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For better or worse: World No. 1s

A map by the people at Doghouse Diaries has gone viral. It shows the various things and ways that different countries lead the world. Spain leads the world in cocaine. Japan leads the world in robots. Ireland leads the world in quality of life (obviously because of scotch and scenery that was used in the show Game of Thrones). The US leads the world in Nobel laureates and deaths by lawnmowers. Canada is the world's maple syrup champion. But, to our surprise, the African country of Benin leads the world in bad drivers. We're pretty certain that was a mistake.

Scout leaders rocked with scandal

The Boy Scouts of America, an organization that teaches young men life's most important lessons often through learning survival and outdoor skills, has a long-standing reputation of excellence in the US. Recent events have shaken that reputation, but the latest one may make it topple over. Three Scout leaders posted a video of themselves damaging rocks in Goblin Valley, a site that is said to be home to rock formations that are more than 170 million years old. The three men have received death threats because of their actions, but I think a more appropriate punishment would be to make them participate in MXC's Boulder Dash.

Britney Spears whips TV staff

Britney Spears has had a special connection with Britain ever since she developed a British accent during a rough patch in her life years ago. More recently, she made an appearance on a British talk show, and the host made her whip his entire staff as part of a promotion for her new single, "Work, B**ch!"

This wacky world!

A 33-year-old man who calls himself a songwriter took his obsession with Justin Bieber to new heights by spending $100,000 over five years for surgery to make him look like the pop idol. And it didn't even work.

Why did the chicken wear a jacket while crossing the road? His owner bought it from a company in London that is making reflective jackets so pet chickens can safely wander about at night.

Sweden is hosting its largest-ever swingers party with more than 300 people planning to attend. Organizers already had to turn down 600 people, because it was too popular. And no rubbers are required.

A Czech artist installed a statue of a massive middle finger pointed directly at the residence of the country's president. Bold move, bro. Bold move.

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