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Got a Roman nose, flared nostrils and wide set eyes? Then you're set to get filthy rich

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研究:成功人士长相都类似 研究:成功人士长相都类似

Winning combination: A composite image of what Britain's most successful male and female would would look like.

We're always told that it's what's inside that counts. But a new study reveals that facial features could well be linked to boardroom success.

And if you look anything like the top ten men and women in the rich list, chances are you too are going to get filthy rich.

Experts scrutinised the features of the UK's most successful people and came up with the facial model most likely to get ahead in the world.

The researchers examined the likes of Roman Abramovich, Lakshmi Mittal, the Duke of Westminster, Lady Tina Green and Heineken heir Charlene Carvalho and came up with a composite made up of those of the 10 richest men and women in the UK.

The result, they say, shows what features are most likely to make you a mega-rich tycoon or entrepreneur.

Men possessing the Roman nose, wide set eyes and flared nostrils could be destined for wealth and business success, as opposed to a man with a ski-slope or up-turned nose, who is likely to be a poor money manager.

Phillip Green, they say, has the archetypal Roman nose, the Duke of Westminster is said to have flared nostrils, while Lakshmi Mittal is declared as having wide-set eyes.

Female features that proved common in successful women were long philtrums (the groove that runs from the nose to the upper lip), high foreheads and flared eyebrows.

According to the study, Lady Tina Green, wife of billionaire Sir Philip and a resident of tax haven Monaco has a long philtrum, while Heineken heir Charlene de Carvalho has a high forehead.

The experts who carried out the research - so-called personologists - belong to a branch of psychologists who explore the correlation between the shape of a person's face and their behaviour.

Mark Riley, Marketing Director of MyJobGroup.co.uk, responsible for commissioning the study, said: 'Success in business is down to many factors, one of which could well be our facial features.

'Following our analysis, we were surprised to see how prominent certain features were in the faces of the UK’s ten richest men and women.'

But all is not necessarily lost if you don't share the common features of success.

'Whether or not you match up to our ‘Face of Success’ images, one of the most important factors in business success is being in the right job at the right time,' added Mr Riley.

It's not only wealth that personologists claim to be able to predict using facial features.

Different physical characteristics can be attributed to specific personality types, they claim. Personology expert, George Roman, said: "People with thin, soft, looser or porcelain-like skin tend to be more impressionable both emotionally and physically.

'Those with thin, fine hair are refined emotionally. A thick, full lower lip indicates spontaneous generosity to friends and strangers as well as talkativeness.'



Roman nose: Has an eye for a bargain, very cost conscious and a desire for money

Sloped back forehead: Quick to respond and can think on their feet

Ears set back on head: Focuses on the future and can be extravagant

Wide set eyes: Sees the bigger picture and is a multitasker

Protruding chin: Tenacious

Flared nostrils: Very independent and high self reliance

Inverted ‘V’ eyebrows: Good at seeing the overall picture


Long philtrum: Dry sense of humour and sarcastic at times but doesn’t take criticism too personally

Flared eyebrows: Enjoys the limelight and is very creative

Roman nose: Has an eye for a bargain, very cost conscious and a desire for money

Sloped back forehead: Quick to respond and can think on their feet

High forehead: Needs intellectual challenges and thinks outside the box



研究:寻找另一半 脸型像父母者佳


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