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默多克听证会遭袭 邓文迪护夫被赞
Murdoch defends record, attacked by protester

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默多克听证会遭袭 邓文迪护夫被赞

Wendi Deng (2nd L) lunges towards a man trying to attack her husband, News Corp Chief Executive and Chairman Rupert Murdoch, during a parliamentary committee hearing on phone hacking at Portcullis House in London July 19, 2011.(Agencies)

Click for video of the hearing

Rupert Murdoch, unfazed by a foam pie attack in the British parliament, made a "humble" apology on Tuesday for crimes that have rocked his media empire and the government but refused to resign, saying the fault lay with staff who "betrayed" him.

Revelations of phone-hacking and payments to police by the News of the World have raised questions on his family's grip on News Corporation, on the probity of the police and on the judgment of Prime Minister David Cameron, who returned early from Africa for an emergency parliament debate on Wednesday.

Calling it "the most humble day of my life", Murdoch defended his record and that of his son, and said he could not know everything that his 53,000 employees did. James, 38, sat beside him before parliament's media committee, interjecting on occasion as his 80-year-old father hesitated to give answers on what he knew, and when, of criminality at the Sunday tabloid.

But as three hours of earnest, at times testy, proceedings drew to a close with lawmakers pressing the Murdochs to explain payments to some of those involved in the decade-old affair, the hearing briefly turned to violence and farce when a man rose from the public seating of the packed committee room.

As he tried to hit the elder Murdoch with a paper plate of white foam, the Australian-born mogul's 42-year-old wife Wendi Deng leapt in to slap the protester in a melee before he was seized by police. He was identified as a left-wing comedian.

After a short recess, Murdoch, now jacket-less, was told by one of the committee members he had shown "immense guts". Another lawmaker, long one of his most bitter critics, later jokingly complimented his wife on her "very good left hook".

That televised cameo, and the emotionally worded statements from the Murdochs on their personal remorse and will to clean up the mess at the News International newspaper unit, may temper some of the public and parliamentary fury aimed at a man who has been courted and feared by British leaders for decades.

"You couldn't make this stuff up. It could have turned the whole situation around for them," said Andrew Hawkins, chairman of polling company ComRes.

"The combination of his father's age and the custard pie attack will have elicited a tremendous amount of sympathy. I suspect that in the weeks to come we will probably look back at this moment and think it was pivotal for them."

(Read by Renee Haines. Renee Haines is a journalist at the China Daily Website.)












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(中国日报网英语点津 实习生史丽萍 编辑:Julie)


unfazed: not dismayed or disconcerted; undaunted(未感到惊慌的,勇敢的)

probity: integrity and uprightness; honesty(正直;诚实)

interject: to interpose abruptly or sharply; interrupt with; throw in(插嘴,打断别人的讲话)

testy: irritably impatient; touchy(易怒的;暴躁的)

farce: a ludicrous situation or action(荒唐的事情;闹剧)

mogul: an important, powerful, or influential person(大亨;有权势的人)

melee: confusion; turmoil; jumble(混乱)

guts: courage and fortitude; nerve; determination; stamina(勇气;胆量;决心;毅力)

left hook: 左勾拳

cameo:a. a single and often brief dramatic scene played by a well-known actor or actress in a film or television play(文艺或戏剧中的小品, 小品文)

remorse: 懊悔;非常遗憾;自责

pivotal: of vital or critical importance(关键的)

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