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The Week Feb 25, 2011

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Streets in 3D

It’s official. The Guinness Book of World Records reports that the giant 3D painting on a street in Guangzhou is the world’s largest piece of street art. The amazing work by artist Qi Xinghua features a painting of a rope over a deep ravine. When you stand on it, it looks like you’re about to fall. But you’re really just standing on a painted rope on solid ground. Still, some people feel like they’ve got a case of vertigo.

Musical Chickens

The Wall Street Journal this week reports on the Chinese farmer who plays music for his chickens, so they’ll lay eggs with bigger yolks. At Chung Hing Musical Farm in Hong Kong, eggs from the music-loving chickens are decorated with a symbol that looks like a musical note. A music egg costs almost 10 times the price of a regular egg. But some trendy restaurants this year are adding them to their menus. So what kind of music do chickens like?

Winners, Losers, Winners

When stuntman Reuben DeJong from New Zealand came to China this month, he had already set a record for using his body to break 15 panes of tempered glass.

Here in China, he wanted to break 17 panes of glass and break his own record. But video captured by Anhui Television shows he didn’t get very far. But the video of his spectacular failure became a winner on the Internet.

Older workers versus younger workers

In this tough economy, more companies are laying off older workers who earn higher salaries and replacing them with younger employees who will accept lower salaries. Age discrimination lawsuits are on the rise in the US. And new polls in Great Britain show that men and women over 50 are upset about being replaced by younger workers. Are today’s workplaces really being taken over by kids? The Week investigates …

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The Week Feb 25, 2011

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The Week Feb 25, 2011

Renee Haines is an editor and broadcaster at China Daily. Renee has more than 15 years of experience as a newspaper editor, radio station anchor and news director, news-wire service reporter and bureau chief, magazine writer, book editor and website consultant. She came to China from the United States.