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The Week: March 4, 2011

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Springtime is for love

March is here, and that means spring is just around the corner. Flowers will bloom, and sometimes, there will be rainbows. Springtime also is for L-O-V-E. Love. Strangers become friends. Friends fall in love. But not always. Join us our special edition of The Week, Love Hurts.

Sometimes, love hurts

Sometimes, like the song says, love hurts. Joining me today are Chris and Angela.

They got together when they were babies. But Angela didn’t look very enthusiastic.

Later, they met on a subway.

And they went on a date for Valentine’s Day. From there, it got really ugly.

The next episode

Is there a chance Chris and Angela will ever fall in love? Stay tuned for future episodes of The Week.

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The Week: March 4, 2011

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The Week: March 4, 2011

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