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No Strings Attached《不求回报》精讲之四

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Patrice: I just friended you. Do you think you're gonna confirm or ignore?

Eli: Oh, I'm gonna confirm. For sure. Yeah, look at you. Of course.

Emma: What was that?

Adam: What?

Emma: Are you being jealous?

Adam: Of that guy? Come on.

Emma: Look, even if I did like him, it doesn't change what we're doing.

Adam: Ah, so you like him.

Emma: Adam, I'm not yours.

Adam: No, of course not. Why would I think that? Wow. Prius. Nice. It's kind of girly, but nice, huh?

Sam: What do you drive?

Adam: Just an old BMW. Five series. Right there.

Sam: Oh, yeah, sure. I actually paid for mine. I didn't take it from my parents.

Adam: Yeah, I paid for mine, too.

Sam: Oh, yeah?

Adam: You're a big guy. Do you work out?

Sam: Oh. I row.

Adam: Like boats?

Sam: I rowed crew at Harvard.

Adam: Oh, Harvard. What were you, a cocksman? What do they say? What do they call it?

Sam: Coxswain. No. You know, I get it, right? That you're sleeping with Emma?

Adam: I what?

Sam: That you and Emma have sex sometimes. I get it. She's tired, she calls you up, you drive over, and have sex for, I'm guessing, ten minutes. Think that's gonna last?

Adam: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sam: Sure you do. And that's fine, for now. But you should just know that I'm gonna be there right next to her every day, using big words...saving people's lives. Then, when she's done having her fun with you, she's gonna come running to me, because I'm a grownup, and I have a real job. I can actually take care of her, you know? I'm the guy she marries, Adam. You're the guy she fucked a couple of times in the handicapped bathroom.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. friend: 在社交网站中加某人为好友。与某人解除好友关系则称为unfriend。

2. for sure: 确实,肯定。

例如:She won't dare do that again, and that's for sure.(她不敢再干那事了,那是毫无疑问的。)

3. Prius:普锐斯,丰田汽车的一款车型。

4. five series: 这里指宝马五系。

5.work out: 锻炼身体;做运动。

6. row: 划船。in a row指的是“连续几次”。

例如:This is the third Sunday in a row that it's rained.(这是接连着的第三个星期天下雨了。)

7. cocksman: 被视为性交对象的男人;很会玩女人的男子,淫棍,色鬼。

8. coxswain: 艇长,舵手。

9. big words: 大话,豪情壮语。

例如:His big words were never backed by deeds.(他的豪言从未见之于行动。)



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