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No Strings Attached《不求回报》精讲之二

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Adam: Hey, Philippe, it's Adam.

Dad: Hi. Come in.

Adam: Hey, Dad.

Dad: Hey.

Adam: Check it out.

Dad: Vinyasa yoga and the Army Ranger workout. I combined them!

Adam: Wow. That's very impressive.

Dad: I'm gonna do a video, I think. Vinyasa Power.

Adam: I can almost see where your muscles go. Very funny.

Dad: Hit me.

Adam: No, I'm not gonna hit you. I don't want to hurt you.

Dad: You're not gonna hurt me. Come on, hit me. Give me your best shot. Come on, quick, before I get a hernia!

Adam: No.

Dad: You're right. Let's smoke some weed.

Adam: This is really good stuff.

Dad: My agent got me one of those medical marijuana cards.

Adam: It's nice to see they're supporting your career.

Dad: Yeah. So, how's the show going?

Adam: I mean, great. I mean, it's about high-schoolers who sing and dance and blog.

Dad: At least you're writing, that's what's important.

Adam: No. I'm an assistant.

Dad: Well, but... at least they've seen your writing.

Adam: Not yet. Actually...I wanted to get your opinion on this episode that I wrote. Kind of a sample.

Dad: That's my boy. I'll take a look at it, sure. And then I'll call somebody.

Adam: No. Do not call anyone. Just read it and tell me what you think.

Dad: OK. So...Are you having sex?

Adam: Yes. I'm having sex.

Dad: 'Cause if you want any pointers, you know...I can help you out. If there's one thing you learn after two failed marriages, it's how to eat kitty. Anyone special?

Adam: No. I mean, not since Vanessa.

Dad: It's been a year. It's time to move on.

Adam: It's been eight months, Dad. What did you want to talk to me about, anyway? You got a dog? Seriously, that's...

Vanessa: Freckles! Come! You didn't tell him yet? Damn!

Dad: I... Adam, I wanted to tell you. I was just about to tell you.

Adam: How long?

Dad: Well...

Adam: How long?

Dad: Not long. I... She needed a place to stay because, you know, her landlord is such a D-bag. Christmas. I ran into her at a party. We got to talking. About you, mostly.

Adam: It looked so soft!

Dad: It's not. God! Oh, that really hurt. Damn.

Adam: You're fucking my ex-girlfriend?

Dad: Well, yeah, but... She's just so hot.

Adam: I know how hot she is.

Vanessa: That's really sweet. Thanks, guys.

Adam: Fuck you!

Dad: Adam. All right, I'm not the perfect dad. But the worst thing you can do in life is to say no to love. And I think she really loves me. Don't. Adam.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. check it out: 来看看,瞧一瞧。“快看那边!”就可以说成是Hay, check that out!

2.hernia: 疝气

3. weed:香烟,烟卷,这里指大麻烟。也可以用来形容懦弱的人;体弱的人。

Weed常用来表示杂草,因此weed out意思就是“清除”。比如:We have to weed out unqualified applicants.(我们必须淘汰不合格的申请人。)

4. medical marijuana card: 医用大麻卡,在美国购买大麻时需要向药店出具。

5. high-schooler: 高中生

6. pointer: 提示;建议

7. how to eat kitty:这里可以翻译为“如何把妹”

8. D-bag: douchebag,意思是说话做事不经大脑的混蛋,相当于jerk, asshole 等。



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