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American Reunion《美国派4:美国重逢》精讲之一

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Stifler: Morning, co-workers and cock-jerkers! Reggie, give me some love.

Reggie: Looking good, Stifler.

Stifler: Ladies, better be working hard, you weren't hired for your looks. Actually, you were. Not you.

Colleague: Seriously?

Stifler: Bob, what are you doing here? Don't you know they fired your ass?

Bob: What?

Stifler: I'm just fucking with you. Or am I?

Bob: Hey!

Stifler: Coffee for the pretty lady?

Colleague: Sure, thanks.

Stifler: Let me know if you want some creamer with that. Hello, you. How are you? "Oh, I'm good, Stifmeister, 'cause you know what? 'Cause you're the best."- "Oh, I am the best." - "Yes, you are the..." "You know, I love you so much that I'm going to just have some fun down here." "Oh, yeah, yeah..."

Duraiswamy: What the hell are you doing?

Stifler: Jesus Christ! Shit, sorry, Mr. Duraiswamy. It's... I was just... That's good, it's all clean.

Duraiswamy: I told you to print out the morning numbers and put them on my desk, and you're making yourself at home?

Stifler: No, I just thought...

Duraiswamy: "I just thought..." I don't pay you to think. You are a temp.

Stifler: Yeah, about that. I feel like I'm being way underutilized here.

Duraiswamy: Oh, you do, do you? Thank you for telling me how you feel. Do you mind if I tell you how I feel? I feel the sooner you realize that you're the bitch, not the boss, the better off you will be.

Stifler: Fucker.

Duraiswamy: What was that?

Stifler: Nothing! Nothing, Mr. Duraiswamy. Fucker!

Michelle: You know, we still haven't discussed the whole bathtub incident.

Jim: Huh? Oh, that? That's... That... Don't worry about that. Well, I mean, you know, obviously, I would prefer it if I was the one that made you feel that way, but...

Michelle: I know how you feel. Every time I want to shop online and I start typing "Amazon," "amazingcollegesluts.com" pops up.

Jim: Amazing what? Okay, look, obviously we need to have more fun together. I promise you, this weekend, there is going to be plenty of Jim and Michelle time, okay?

Michelle: Hey!

Dad: Hello, sweetheart.

Michelle: How are you?

Dad: Oh! It's so good to see you.

Jim: Hey, Dad.

Michelle: Hello, son! Come here. Oh, no! Look who that is!

Dad: Look at this big bruiser! Oh, my goodness! He has grown. Look at him! Huh? Someone's got a little poopy diaper.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. co-worker: 同事,合作者。

2. what the hell: 究竟,到底(表示不在乎、无可奈何、不耐烦等)

I've made a muck of it. What the hell can I do now?(我已经把事情弄得一团糟,现在该咋办呢?)

3. make oneself at home: 不拘束,别客气,随便。这里老板的意思是说:你倒在这儿逍遥自在?

4. temp: 临时工。也可以用作动词表示做临时工作

He's been temping for over a year now and wants a permanent job.(他做临时工作已一年多了,想找个固定的工作。)

5. underutilized: 未充分使用;大材小用。是一个非常正式的用词;同"underused"。

6. better off: 情况更好,更富裕

We'd be better off without them as neighbours.(要是没有这家邻居,我们就过得更愉快了。)

7. pop up: 突然弹出,突然出现

This question has poped up again.(这个问题又冒出来了。)

8. bruiser: 彪形大汉;拳击手;好斗的人

They looked like a couple of bruisers,and I didn't dare argue with them.(他们看起来像一对好斗的人,我不敢和他们争论。)



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