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The Parent Trap《天生一对》精讲之六

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Dad: Hey.

Mom: So do you have any idea where they're taking us?

Dad: Not a clue.

Mom: Right. Where are we?

Dad: This is where we're eating?

Hallie: No. Actually, that's where we're eating.

Annie: It's ours for the night.

Dad: Wow ! So, how exactly are we paying for this?

Annie: Well, we pooled our allowances.

Dad: Yeah. Right, Annie.

Annie: Okay. Grandfather chipped in a bit.

Mom: Annie.

Annie: Okay. He chipped in a lot. Come on. You guys are gonna love it.

Dad: Pretty snazzy.

Hallie: Elizabeth and Nick, your dinner awaits you.

Mom: Girls.

Dad: The table is only set for two.

Annie: Oh, that's the other part of the surprise. We're not joining you.

Mom: You're not?

Chessy: No, but I am. Good evening. I'm Chessy, and I'll be your server this evening. No wisecracks, please.

Martin: And I'm Martin your sommelier. May I offer you both a taste of the bubbly in the hope that you get a bit snockered and not fire this lovely lady and myself for following the orders of these audacious 11-year-olds.

Chessy: Annie, mood music, please.

Annie: Just relax. Sail though time back to yesteryear.

Chessy: You do get all this, don't you?

Mom: Yes, I'm beginning to.

Dad: They're recreating the night we met-- the boat, the music--

Chessy: The help.

Mom: It's so sweet.

Dad: Martin, I think I'll take that drink.

Mom: Thank you, Martin.

Chessy: Oh! Yeah.

Dad: To tell you the truth, I haven't been on a boat since the Q.E. 2.

Mom: Neither have I.

Dad: Hmm ? Well, then, here's to, uh--

Mom: Our daughters.

Dad: Our daughters. Now I know how a goldfish feels. You know , sometime if we're ever really alone maybe we could talk about what happened between us. It all feels a bit hazy to me now. It ended so fast.

Mom: It started so fast.

Dad: Well, that part I remember perfectly.

Martin: It looks like things are heating up quite nicely. I'd say it's safe to serve the vichyssoise.

Chessy: You ladle, I'll serve. I'm sorry.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. Not a clue: 一无所知

85% of people polled recently had not a clue what is meant.(据最近的民意调查显示,85%的人对其一无所知。)

2. chip in: 共同出钱;捐助

We all chip in for digital TV.(我们一起出钱买了数字电视。)

chip in也可以表示插嘴,插话,比如:Don't chip in when your father is speaking.(你父亲讲话时别插嘴。)

3. snazzy: <俚>漂亮的,时髦的,艳丽的

4. wisecrack: 俏皮话

Or they respond with a wisecrack: "guess who?"(或者是故作俏皮地说:“猜猜我是谁?”)

5. sommelier: <法>斟酒服务员

6. bubbly: 香槟酒

7. snockered: 醉的; 喝醉的

8. audacious: 无畏的;放肆的;大胆创新的

You won't be penalized for having audacious goals.(你不会因为大胆的目标而受到惩罚。)

9. mood music: (为营造某种气氛而播放的)气氛音乐

10.vichyssoise: 奶油浓汤



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